Who Was This MSG Mystery Hottie At The Syracuse Game?

ESPN cameras caught an unnamed smokeshow courtside.

Tuesday night already held major importance by potentially being the turning point of the Syracuse basketball season. The Orange outmuscled the bullies of the Big 10, beating Michigan State by double-digits and sending a message through the college basketball landscape.

But the Jimmy V Classic may have had another, unintended – yet equally unforgettable – consequence. We may have stumbled upon the MSG Mystery Hottie! (Cue dramatic movie score.)

As Rick Jackson made his way through the handshake line following the game, ESPN cameras caught a total smokeshow court side. She seemed to be with a large man, somewhere in the general neighborhood of Vince Wilfork.

She flashed some sick jewelry, a curvaceous body and that look of “Are we done here yet? I want a martini at Nobu.” The Fizz was instantaneously mesmerized. It was clear this was no Mattydale socialite who made the trek down for her Orange. Miss Manners was also not an alum from Westchester rocking her bedazzled Wes Johnson jersey. This was arm candy dragged to the Garden because dude had floor seats and wanted to impress her (or catch Kalin Lucas in action) and instead got one bored chick.

I haven’t seen pics of her show up anywhere else. If you were at the game and have any first-hand account of her, please pass along the 411. Until then, we can only sit and gawk at her pixelated photos from a Fizz cellphone-cam to TwitPic.

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  1. i’d really appreciate it if you stopped posting pictures of my girlfriend on your website.

  2. Orngfan-
    Are you fake Vince Wilfork pictured above? If so, props brother. She’s hot.

  3. nah, skinny white kid.. :(

  4. This might be the creepiest article I have ever read. Its even creepier that you took photos of some random chick at the game. I could see taking pics if she was naked or doing something bizzare, but of some random clotheed chick b/c you thought she was hot? that is weird. But not as weird as dedicating a blog or article to it.

  5. TONY,
    These are screen shots from the ESPN broadcast. But I like your thinking on this one. Would be way less creepy to take pictures of a naked chick.
    Keep reading!

  6. Creepy? yes….Romantic? a little…..Awesome? Absolutely!

  7. She must have a bad left side she is always turned with her right showing :)

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