Fresh FizzCast: ESPN’s Anish Shroff on SU Football, Summer Hoops Recruiting

Listen to Team Fizz talk state of the football program and summer recruiting trail.

Syracuse football now has 16 commits in the class of 2012, but in the latest Fresh FizzCast, Hoffman explains why he’s still not satisfied yet.

“Syracuse is off to such a blazing start recruiting-wise here in July and it’s great and I love it. Kudos to Doug Marrone. But it’s still not the endgame.”

And what could be better to clarify his viewpoint than a vehicular analogy?

“Are you the type of person that enjoys the trip or enjoys the destination? When I go on vacation, I want to get there. I hate driving. If I had lots and lots if money (which I don’t), I would fly everywhere.”

As many strides as Marrone has taken so far as ‘Cuse head football coach, Hoffman is ready for the program to take that essential next step and finally haul in a giant recruit. D.A. also chimes in, expressing annoyance that questioning Marrone is now almost taboo.

“For Syracuse fans to be optimistic and supportive of the program, I obviously agree with. Clearly I’m in that same boat. I’m optimistic. I’m supportive. I think it’s moving in the right direction. I’m a Doug Marrone guy. I believe that our bar has been set too low in some regards, to where you’re not even allowed to question anything Doug Marrone does, or else it’s some sort of heresy or blasphemy against the program. I just don’t believe in being a sports fan that way.”

Speaking of big-time recruits, tune into the FizzCast for an update on the status of Rochester defensive tackle Jarron Jones. He’s another New York kid that SU has seemingly lost out on.

Syracuse alum Anish Shroff and host of ESPN’s College Football Live joins the FizzCast to give his take on the state of SU recruiting. He says a major positive is that Marrone is already the second-longest tenured head coach in the Big East.

“You look at the picture of the Big East and take a snapshot of the conference, only Greg Schiano has been at his school longer than Doug Marrone. And it feels like Doug Marrone just got there yesterday. When you’re trying to build program stability, I think that helps.”

Listen the final segment of the FizzCast for analysis from Alex Plavin on two hoops recruits Syracuse and Kentucky are battling for, DaJuan Coleman and Ricardo Ledo. Hear whether John Calipari is any closer to infuriating ‘Cuse fans by snatching J-D’s Coleman away from the Orange.

Posted: Andrew Kanell

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  1. Dr Bill

    My man, you are still harping on this SU Recruit thing and how we as fans have set the bar too low and how we don’t want to criticize HCDM and his recruiting efforts. We all want to see SU land the proverbial “Big Fish”. The fact that we have not done so yet is not Marrone’s fault….. let me repeat .. it is not Marrone’s fault.

    The position that many fans are trying to state is that we all have to acknowledge the state of our program and be realist. We are not perceived as a Big Time program by many of the top tier recruits for all of the reasons that have been presented by the Fizz and fans very clearly(Facilities, BE conference, on field wins/losses,lack of prime time TV coverage, etc.) Many of these things are out of Marrone’s control. We can’t blame him that the program doesn’t have the CAsh $$$$$$$$$ to upgrade our facilities to the level of the top tier programs in the country.

    Marrone and staff are doing their best to control what they can control and influence: 1. offering players that they have scouted, evaluated, and who they think can help us win. 2. Developing great schemes, finding and coaching players to be successful in those schemes. 3. Winning on the field. And last but not least:
    Marrone has set a tone and is sending a message statement to potential recruits that says SU is a place where you will get a world class education, have a chance to play football against some top level BCS competition, and develop skills such as leadership, responsibility, accountability,and character that will serve you for a lifetime and set you up for a lifetime of success in whatever you choose to do with your life.

    That is a message that I would want my sons to buy into, but it is not a message that all these pampered, me first, generation X or Z or whatever they are called will want to be part of. That is not Marrone’s fault. You have to sell some message to kids and they have to want what you are selling. Highly rated recruits 4 and 5 star guys are not buying what SU is selling right now? Who’s fault is that? What message should HCDM be selling? You come up with a better one and let us know.

  2. Hang on there Dr. Billy. You forgot the man-up philosophy HCDM plays at. And at times that plays into good team play. But at times he shows this rather strongly and that just chases off talent. He needs to ease up on that issue. Also your god needs to win “HOME” games for creeps sake. At the end of last year that was embarrassing losing those home games the way we did. Kids see that too. I like HCDM except for his better than himself attitude that he will not discuss to anyone. And finally this is not Iran where you can get shot for saying your feelings. I agree with DA about critising HCDM and how the fans take it. But at times when you question HCDM and his strange methods the fans think your an carcinogenic towards the program. I’m just a strong CUSE fan who wants and hopes the best for my team. Afterall his salary ain’t bad either!!! But I do know he can coach better than I can. LOL!!!

  3. Jameson44

    I agree with the good doctor…the way I see it is that Marrone won in his second season with what he was left with and could scrounge up in a few off seasons and maybe gets a pass for the time being. Was it a pretty season? No… Did he win more than he lost? Yes he sure did and when’s the last time that happened? Is he a god like figure that can’t be criticized? Nope… his expectations are to win more games next season and go to a better bowl. Guy has been here two years and everybody’s expectations are for him to recruit like we haven’t sucked for the last seven eight years. Takes time people be realistic it’s not gonna happen over night it’s a process. Build up your wins get fans back in the stands and the big time recruits will be more of a possibility.

  4. Dr Bill

    What are we to make of this: Louisville got 4 star QB teddy bridgewater last year to commit, this year a 4 star QB transferred from Mizzou to the Ville, and The Ville just went head to head with Alabama and the SEC for a 6-5, 200 lb Georgia QB and WON.
    Now what does Charlie Strong and Louisville have over HCDM and the Cuse?…… Why are top tier recruits buying into what Strong is selling at the Ville and not the Cuse? Louisville is not Notre Dame, USC etc., but yet top tier recruits are buying into Charlie Strong’s program…… the kind of recruits that we are lusting for here at the CUse. Why? ……Why?…. Forget Notre Dame, we better start beating out Louisville for recruits if we want to win the Big East.

  5. Lefty514

    Take what you want from this but I thought it might make for interesting discussion. I live in Tennessee and her are 2 news tidbits:
    #1. Remember David Oku..The #1 5 star running back that flirted with SU before heading to the Vols..Quit the team after 2 years and was recently arrested in Knoxville for domestic violence. 2. Of the 22 4 and 5 star recruits that Lane Kiffin recruited to TN..9 have been arrested and most are no longer on the team.

    Just sayin’

  6. SeattleOrange

    Lefty, if I remember correctly there was a similar argument made a while back. I believe the response to it questioned that we shouldn’t go after 4 and 5 star recruits because they’re criminals or will get kicked off the team eventually anyways? It’s unfortunate that some will read into it that way. IMHO you are correct in what you imply. The reality is, a number of highly touted athletes will quit/get kicked off the team/arrested. That doesn’t mean that they all will and that we shouldn’t recruit them, so people shouldn’t take it that way. What it says is, just because HCDM doesn’t recruit only 3-5 * athletes, or more so the higher end of that spectrum exlcusively, it doesn’t mean that he isn’t doing his job extremely well. Seriously, did anyone expect to go to a bowl game last year? Or win one for that matter? HCDM is bringing in talent of his and his staffs choosing. In time we will have 4 and 5 star recruits, and it won’t be long. But to expect it when Marrone has given us fans more than we have expected to date, is unrealistic. I’m just one voice, but after what we’ve endured for nearly the last decade, I’m pleased with where we are at in Marrone’s tenure, and even more so when looking at the future.

  7. Haven Hall

    All the talk about recruits and big fish and where’s ours is just whining.

    It’s whining for a new toy.

    You want to whine, fine. I like to whine too. But I’ll whine about what happens on gameday, not over some high schooler who “isn’t getting enough love.” Fucking vomit.

    I’m no coach, but I’ve watched enough college and pro football. You shoulda called a timeout there, double team the guy that’s killing us, go deep on one-on-one coverage, blitz here, etc. You know, like fans do. That’s fine. That’s a given.

    I don’t have the first fucking clue what to say to some bored 17-year-old wearing an Penn State hat (wait, he just changed it to a UNC hat – no, a VT hat) sitting in his family’s living room.

    Hell, I wouldn’t know WHY I’m sitting in this kid’s living room, instead of another living room 100 or 500 miles away, with another prospect, who is a team captain and leads his league in interceptions. One who wants to listen.

    What do you do here? Honestly. Promise a starting spot as a freshman? Bust out a bunch of embarrassing streetwise lingo? (smh) Show up at 4 a.m. and beg? (Fucking embarrassing if you ask me, Notre Dame) Wink-wink and a bag of cash for Dad? I don’t know.

    Face it. Recruiting’s creepy.

    Everything I’ve read about our staff is that they’re doing this by the book and with DIGNITY. That’s all I want as an alum and a fan.

    Back to the point. I’ll choose to play Sunday morning quarterback after the games. If I also whine about recruiting, what would that make me?

    A fucking whiner.

    Thank God we don’t appear to have any whiners on the team anymore.

  8. Dr Bill

    Haven Hall.. you bring up some good points. Recruiting is not an exact science and to be at the mercy of some insecure,often selfish, always arrogant 16,17, 18 years olds is not a great position to be in but it is part of the game called recruiting. Having mentored and worked with youth for almost 20 years, most of these kids need guidance and mentoring and encouragement to make it successfully through 4 to 5 years of college and some need those things more than others. David Oku is a great example of what happens to many of these kids… a 5 star talent who many thought HCDM would steal from Tennessee and Auburn. If this kid had chosen the Cuse, he would have gotten the attention and mentoring that is missing at a big football factory like Tennessee.. this is not to say that he could not have problems at the cuse, but his chances to get on the field would have been better, HCDM is still here as apposed to Lane Kiffin, and the support for a player who is having success on the field here at the Cuse could have been a difference maker in the life of this kid………. but as a 5 star spoiled prima donna(check out his HS off the field record..much was made of it at the time) , he thought his talent placed him above SU and he missed out on a life changing opportunity.

    That in a nutshell is HCDM’s great challenge: how can I help these kids see what a great opportunity a football scholarship
    to Syracuse really is!

  9. if you want to know the issues with syracuse recruiting just break down the league in important factors

    1)facilities-dead last in the BE

    2)staff recruiting-with cinci has worst staff

    3)recent results-one winning season in like ten years…horrible

    4)buzz…none, syracuse football is a joke

    5)recruiting buzz…none, when the top local kids are passing up su as quickly as they can get them off their list thats ugly. the issue is that su was never as close as people thought with the ‘local’ big three.

    Ishaq-his mom made him keep su on his list, otherwise su never would’ve made it past top 15

    kelly-uncle jim put an olive branch out there for hackett, su was never serious contender

    jones-su is done early in the process, his coach likes marrone so he says su is in the mix…but do you think the recruit or the coach knows who he is looking at.

    the book on marrone is this is a big season.

    After Wake Forest comes in the dome and absolutely dominates SU and runs the ball down their throat for four quaters(will look just like bc/uconn games) we will see what marrone is made up of. Can he pull a bowl game out of this season when the schedule isn’t terrible and people like Bill Stewart aren’t at WVU.

  10. mdb80, while I agree with many of your issues which are effecting our recruiting efforts negatively I would like to know how you deem our staff to be the worst? Doug Marrone was known for being a great college recruiter prior to joining the NFL. It’s also way too early to be judging the recruiting merits of guys like Rob Moore, Tyrone Wheatley and Tim Daoust as they are new to the process.

    Please also explain how arguably (Duke) the worst team from a horrible ACC conference is going to come up to the Salt City and dominate Syracuse? I am scared to death of our undersized DT’s and LB’s but I have a good hunch Scott Shafer has got something for Wake.

    I also think you will see a vastly different Ryan Nassib who is going to be able to win games given the confidence of a veteran offensive line and receiving corp.

  11. Haven Hall

    Well, no shit, Sherlock. Every season’s a big season, especially when you’re trying to grow crops on salted earth.

    Good to talk about the Wake Forest game though. Don’t forget we went to Winston Salem in 2006 – Wake’s best season of football EVER – and nearly won with Perry Patterson throwing to Rice Moss.

    Their coach is conservative – Brian Pariani conservative. Even if we’re getting blown off the line of scrimmage, Grobe would find a way to keep it close and we’ll have a shot at the end.

  12. you know whats funny about this their saying kentucky has a slight lead for coleman and yet the top recruiting analyst in the country say that syracuse and uconn are the clearcut 2 favorites right now.

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