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Fresh FizzCast: ESPN’s Anish Shroff on SU Football, Summer Hoops Recruiting

Syracuse football now has 16 commits in the class of 2012, but in the latest Fresh FizzCast, Hoffman explains why he’s still not satisfied yet.

“Syracuse is off to such a blazing start recruiting-wise here in July and it’s great and I love it. Kudos to Doug Marrone. But it’s still not the endgame.”

And what could be better to clarify his viewpoint than a vehicular analogy?

“Are you the type of person that enjoys the trip or enjoys the destination? When I go on vacation, I want to get there. I hate driving. If I had lots and lots if money (which I don’t), I would fly everywhere.”

As many strides as Marrone has taken so far as ‘Cuse head football coach, Hoffman is ready for the program to take that essential next step and finally haul in a giant recruit. D.A. also chimes in, expressing annoyance that questioning Marrone is now almost taboo.

“For Syracuse fans to be optimistic and supportive of the program, I obviously agree with. Clearly I’m in that same boat. I’m optimistic. I’m supportive. I think it’s moving in the right direction. I’m a Doug Marrone guy. I believe that our bar has been set too low in some regards, to where you’re not even allowed to question anything Doug Marrone does, or else it’s some sort of heresy or blasphemy against the program. I just don’t believe in being a sports fan that way.”

Speaking of big-time recruits, tune into the FizzCast for an update on the status of Rochester defensive tackle Jarron Jones. He’s another New York kid that SU has seemingly lost out on.

Syracuse alum Anish Shroff and host of ESPN’s College Football Live joins the FizzCast to give his take on the state of SU recruiting. He says a major positive is that Marrone is already the second-longest tenured head coach in the Big East.

“You look at the picture of the Big East and take a snapshot of the conference, only Greg Schiano has been at his school longer than Doug Marrone. And it feels like Doug Marrone just got there yesterday. When you’re trying to build program stability, I think that helps.”

Listen the final segment of the FizzCast for analysis from Alex Plavin on two hoops recruits Syracuse and Kentucky are battling for, DaJuan Coleman and Ricardo Ledo. Hear whether John Calipari is any closer to infuriating ‘Cuse fans by snatching J-D’s Coleman away from the Orange.

Posted: Andrew Kanell

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