Just Shut Up: Morally Corrupt Pitino is Ultimate Realignment Hypocrite

Slick Rick criticizing the greed of realignment is the height of hypocrisy.

Would someone please tell Rick Pitino to please shut up, because he sounds like a jack ass. Slick Rick has become the standard bearer for hypocrisy among the voices of realignment. And that’s hard to do.

“He began Thursday’s talk at the team’s annual preseason luncheon to introduce his players with a joke saying that Occupy Wall Street protesters have found a new target.

‘They left Wall Street. They stopped picketing Wall Street and they stormed the Atlantic Coast Conference for more corporate greed.'”

This is just awesome. Slick Rick is throwing some big stones from a Pitino residence entirely made of glass, complete with a few glass dining tables he can do the boogity on. Wow, Pitino is calling out greed? The guy who’s made it his own personal mission to chase dollars over stability, to have ripped apart his family for instant gratification, is going to espouse loyalty.

Remember when once upon a time he left a college basketball program (Providence) to chase the money of the NBA (Knicks)? But he sucked at that job, so he went back to college (Kentucky). Then he left that university (which had taken a chance on him when his reputation wasn’t so sterling) to run after the riches of the NBA again (Celtics)? But left that organization in ruins, bailed as the going got toughest, to go back to the safe haven of college (Louisville). And it just so happened that stop was the blood-rivals of his last college job?

Yeah, well that guy is ranting about loyalty.

What a disingenuous bucket of moral pond water.

“We’re going to be in the Big East for the next two years, regardless of what happens. But to me, my loyalties stay in the conference that took us away from Conference USA and brought us into not only a BCS bowl, but also a chance for us to be on television more than we’ve ever been on, to play the tournament in Madison Square Garden. So we’ll see what shakes out. Tom Jurich will, at the right time, approach that subject. For now, we’re just very happy to be in the Big East.”

For now, being the operative words. Because if Missouri votes to join the SEC and the Big 12 extends an invitation to Louisville, Slick Rick would jump into that quicker than Karen Sypher. What’s the level of fraud Pitino reaches with that last quote? A perfect score? One million?

“We’re going to be in the Big East for the next two years, regardless of what happens.” Just dripping with smugness. Yeah, guess what? So is Syracuse and Pitt. That’s the legal binding to the league. “My loyalties will always be with the Big East.” That’s because you don’t have a better option. “For now, we’re just very happy.” Sounds like famous last words before a relationship falls apart. The addendum, “But if the Big 12 comes knocking, well then ‘yeehaw,’ see ya in Texas!”

The pathetically miserable bitterness toward Syracuse, Pitt and the ACC is laughable. Oliver Luck is begging to be invited to a new conference. UConn got stiffed at the alter by the same program they tried to strong-arm a decade ago. Slick Rick would love to jump ship (he has a history of saving his own rear and leaving everyone else to fend for themselves).

This guy rises above the rest. Somehow, Pitino is so slimy, so underhanded, he actually becomes the most noxious hypocrite in an NCAA full of them. Congrats, Ricky. The devil is here to see you now.

Posted: D.A.

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  1. OrangeCrush22

    wow….tell us how your really feel…hahaha

  2. Man o man I loved every word of this

  3. Gez!!! Lets see if the fans and media talk about CUSE FB after January 1st like you mention CUSE BB now!!!

  4. Wow gentlemen! Comments were straight to the point, didn’t pull any punches here. Loved and agreed with everything that has been written. I thought that I was the only one who dared speak his mind on this web page.

    Post/editorials like these is what makes the Orangefizz the best site on the net to get updated news about the orange.

    Keep up the good work. GO CUSE

    Hey Terry aren’t you the guy who has complained all year about the Orangefizz writing articles about basketball instead of football?

    I guess hypocritical fools are not just in Louisville,but everywhere.

  5. Tfburgess

    You’ve got to admit it. The orange just keep on getting angrier. Look you left the marriage. You hurt the kids. Here’s a wall. Get even drunker and start pounding it.

    We see you next weekend for your final pounding by the ‘eers

    Oh, so you don’t have to wonder what tailgates are like in Greensboro — “Why don’t you and your and your little friends from Pittsburgh play downstairs while the big people have their brandy. Run along now!”
    You gonna love it down there!
    Cheer up!

  6. Yo Tfburgess

    About that “final pounding by the ‘eers”.

    How much of a blundering idiot do you feel like now, after the ‘Cuse just hung 49 points on WVU?

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