Coach P Solves Syracuse, Doug Marrone Out-Coached in Another Stinker

The Orange drop its second straight embarrassing game, this time at UConn.

For all of the cheerleading this site does for The Dougie, right now The Fizz is aggravated. We sprung into action when Marrone was looking for support, designed t-shirts to wave the SU flag, and been writing love sonnets to him on this site. This is now back-t0-back losses against inferior competition that probably coughed away any chance at the conference – not one of his finer moments.

UConn this season is awful. Truly pitiful. This is a program which has lost to Iowa State and Vanderbilt. A school with a quarterback discovered by throwing footballs into baskets on YouTube. A team that has lost to… (throwing up)… Western Michigan. I was in East Hartford at this game. I sat among the unwashed Husky fans in their XXXL sweatpants. I digested this up close. UConn has almost no talent. Coach P inherited a Patriot League-type roster.

Yeah, the Orange is susceptible to the emotional let down. We’ve gone over this before. Big win followed by bad loss. But that was the excuse last week. SU didn’t know how to handle prosperity after the West Virginia victory. Unfortunately, that doesn’t fly with this one. Syracuse should’ve been appropriately humbled by the loss at Louisville. SU should’ve had no problem looking for redemption for its pot hole stumble. Motivation should’ve been shoveled into the Orange locker room by the ton.

Instead, it was a lousy ‘Cuse effort, made worse by Coach P on the other sideline. The entire afternoon I was surrounded by UConn fans making fun of Pasqualoni, sarcastically asking me, “You want him back?.” Driving home from the game, I streamed The Dougie’s postgame comments on the Score 1260 with Brian Barrett and The Fizz’s own Alex Plavin. I might be wrong, but I believe I heard Marrone explain the putrid first half offense by suggesting the Orange didn’t have a lot of offensive plays. Well, who’s fault is that? You’re handed FIVE turnovers in thirty minutes by UConn and come away with seven points?

Here’s the end result of the Orange’s first half drives: Fumble, punt, interception, punt, punt, punt, touchdown, punt, missed field goal. That’s Groobers Error stuff. Put plenty of this blame on the players. Ryan Nassib was incredibly impotent, gobbling tight end check-downs like Mike n’ Ikes. Punts continually sailed out of bounds far too soon, giving UConn solid field position all day. The defense seemed stunned when Scott McCummings ran draw after QB draw. But if we applaud Marrone daily for turning around this program, he deserves criticism after a loss like this. A season that just two weeks ago looked primed for a run toward the BCS is now in danger of missing a bowl altogether with two ugly losses. SU needs to find at least one win in the Pitt, Cincinnati, USF final three. That’s anything but a given.

The educated guess here is SU finds that victory and heads to the postseason. But this was a flashback Saturday to a not so distant time when Syracuse football was unwatchable and pessimism was at an all-time high. No one expected Syracuse to be a top 15 team, but two straight embarrassing losses makes you reconsider if reality is in line with our optimism. It’s interesting the Big East is absorbing a slew of C-USA programs right now, because SU played like one today.

Posted: D.A.

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  1. Given the way UConn has played lately and the lack of talent on that team, that shouldn’t have even been a game. I can’t believe that they were allowed to score, let alone win. Absolutely disgusting.

    Also, there was so much talk last week about how we can’t beat Louisville, but when was the last time we beat UConn? …terrible.

    I’m not sure what adjustments need to be made, but the team needs to come out fired up for every game no matter who they’re playing, avoid mental errors and get the job done.

    It feels like last season where we had some big wins and thought it’d be okay to coast and then lost almost all of our remaining games.

    I was going to get tickets to the Cincinnati game since I’ll be home for Thanksgiving, but I’m not sure I want to pay to watch this team play the way its playing right now.

  2. DA your 2 weeks late. I liked the hire of HCDM at first. But also I have been very critical of him many times since the hire!! But like I said at the time of his hire “where’s the experience” of his HCing. There was none. He ate you and the media up just before the Rutgirls game. Now its pay back time. Just imagine if the CUSE was NYC’s team the media there would eat him alive, but not here. He needs to be asked “Coach do you feel your lack of experience is a cause of the team not playing up to its potential”. He should answer that if he doesn’t bite your head off first. Its amazing through all of this mess no major media(except ESPN) has questioned why the CUSE is struggling. Two other things first the ST/DB coach I think Coach A(can’t spell his name) needs to move on and please I’m not interested in the Dougie T-shirt any more. LOL!!!

  3. I have been a staunch HCDM supporter from the beginning and remain so…having said that, this was a very bad loss!!!!!…..One of the worst of the Marrone ERA. Several questions can be raised here: What is going on with our it a lack f talent..or lack of execution?..I felt a strength of our staff..both offensive and defensive was scheming to address opponents weaknesses….schaffer has a great track record..but this D is not getting it done…Our offense looks bad! We are missing a dynamic playmaker…primarily at the QB position…and wideout spot….but I am focusing in on QB…Nassib is just OK…not dynamic enough…Look at the young Frosh QB Louisville has…no experience, but great talent…look at what he did to our D….his sped put pressure on there were 12 men on offense instead of 11…..we need a couple of guys like that on both sides of the ball!!!!!

  4. Where are or who are the leaders on this team? What are the team captains doing? There seems to be no one stepping up during games on the offensive or defensive sides motivating each other to drive for success.What’s going on with the assistant coaches to find what’s happening on the field. Communication, Motivation, Leadership! Where is it?

  5. The most concerning thing for me is simply how bad SU has looked throughout the season. URI, Wake, Tulane, Toledo – were all ugly wins. Then the three losses SU played were total stinkers. How is it that outside of the USC and WVU game, this team has just played mediocre football every week? Are we overrating them? BTW Terry – we did just get a new order of Dougie tees in your size if you’re looking. haha.

  6. AnaheimOrange

    This team is so-so at best. A good team may have the occasional stinker, but as D.A. points out, this team has played mediocre football every week. Losing to USC at USC = acceptable (for now). Losing to UCONN anywhere = unacceptable.

    Their one “Rudy” moment of the year was the WVU game. Fans and media get hyped up, but then reality sets in.

    I’d love nothing more than to have the team prove me and all detractors wrong – to do that, they’ve gotta start playing consistent football. They’ve gotta beat teams they are supposed to beat. Until that happens – on a consistent basis – they’re a mediocre team.

  7. Rumors already starting. Marrone and Edsall get canned around same time. Edsall in, Marrone gone. Edsall was the first choice of Gross anyway.

  8. Harry Sedgwick


    Gross passed on Edsall because GRob was going to bring West Coast football yo SU.

    any other high profile football college would have fired Gross for such a blunder, Gross enabled UConn and Rutgers football to get a leg up on SU and Marrone is still paying for his boss’s mess.

    Why is Gross not on the hot seat instead of Marrone?

    wake up SU fans!!!!

  9. Harry Sedgwick

    Congrats to Coach P for the beating Gross, it had to be VERY satisfying for him despite the fact he is too classy to say it!

    If Gross had hung on to Coach P and Ray Rice played for SU, Rutgers would still be Rutgers and UConn would be begging to take their football program to the Patriot League.

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