Zach Allen Tells The Fizz He’s Ready To Represent Syracuse at Elite 11 Camp

Allen makes history as the first Orange QB to be selected for the honor.

Zach Allen was the top dog on his Wildcats squad this past season at Temple HS, throwing for over 1,500 yards, and accumulating over 20 touchdowns on the ground and through the air. But he’s used a little extra motivation these past few months, bursting onto the national scene with a selection to the prestigious Elite 11 Quarterback Camp. Allen told The Fizz his role as the dark horse has been driving him to reach the top.

“I think a lot of it had to do with me being the underdog. No one really knew about me, I hadn’t had many offers and I came up to [the Elite 11 Dallas Regionals] and had a really good day and really stuck with the big time recruits. No one really expects too much from you. I think they saw my potential and wanted to see some more of me.”

Allen impressed nearly every analyst or scout that came out to watch him during his tryouts for the Elite 11 Camp. Being just a two-star recruit according to most sites, it’s a huge eye-opener to be selected to participate in the competition that runs from July 18-22. Allen said the process has been humbling. ESPN analyst and Elite 11 coach Trent Dilfer even compared him to a young Colt McCoy – with a better arm.

“All I could do is smile when I heard that. I grew up a Longhorn fan, and my dad and mom went there and my dad even played there. Getting compared to [McCoy], it’s really unbelievable. It was very neat to hear that.”

The Fizz has been high on him from the start. His mechanics are really solid for a dual threat QB. And SU has a long-term plan for the Texas native. Allen admitted he couldn’t wait to get to the Elite 11 competition so he can represent Syracuse. The last time SU had a QB at the Elite 11? Never. Allen will be spreading the Orange name.

Being ranked only as a two or three star recruit surely doesn’t slow Allen down. He’s thrilled that he gets the chance to compete with the nation’s best in California next month.

 “It’s going to be a really neat experience going down there for that week, and hanging out with some of the top recruits in the whole nation. I’m really going to go out there and show that I belong with those big four and five star recruits. Every kid’s dream is to go play college ball, and to have these things come true, it’s incredible.”

Zach’s schoolwork is on schedule as well. The QB will be graduating early from Temple HS so he can enroll at SU in January of 2013, and is completing an English course this summer. It gives him a leg up on Austin Wilson, the other QB commit in Syracuse’s 2013 class, who as of now won’t be getting to campus until next summer.

But for four days in July, Allen will set aside the schoolwork to showcase his skills at the Elite 11. His main goal is to show that he shouldn’t be labeled as just a scrambling QB.

“[I’m going to] show how much of a competitor I am, and that I am accurate with the ball. They have me as a dual threat passer, but I feel like being an accurate passer is a huge part of my game. I want to have fun, meet these guys and show I belong on the same field as them.”

He’ll be getting a ton of extra attention these months leading up National Signing Day. He’s whole-heartedly committed to playing for SU, even despite the looks he will be getting. So whether you call him Colt McCoy 2.0, one thing is for certain, and it’s that Allen’s summer stock is rising. And the sky is the limit this July at the Elite 11 QB Camp.

Posted: Kevin Fitzgerald

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  1. congrats zach. this is a perfect example of why you don’t want to overlook players in the recruiting star systems. here this young gun was ranked as a 2 star i beleive and now he will compete with 4-5 star qb’s. i hope zach takes the competition.. then these recruiting experts won’t really feel like experts after all. i can’t wait for him to get on campus at syracuse..

  2. Norma Stitz

    Kid is gonna be a great leader at SU.

  3. Fantastic recruit! Good luck ZA at Elite 11 camp, tell everyone about SU. Go Orange!

  4. Russell MacEachern

    We’ll see but I hate to put such lofty expectation’s on the kid already…he seems to welcome competition…lets see what bgogo has to offer?I know ur dying to chime in!haha..

  5. he is overrated

  6. he is going to be great
    GO CUSE!

  7. connor

    do we have any shot at landing kamara?

  8. Norma Stitz

    I doubt that there is much chance at Kamara. Georgia maybe losing their stud RB(Crowell) due to weapons charges the other day so maybe Kamara wants to stay closer to home and attend UGA?

  9. So somebody stole my identity here and said, “He’s overrated?” I don’t think so. Get your own identity buddy!

    This kid’s a winner in every way. I love the way he constantly brings up Syracuse in every interview. This guy can be the turning point in our program, not just because of his athletic ability, but because other players are going to be a part of what he brings to a team.

  10. DA: How is somebody allowed to duplicate another person’s user name? The first posting under bgogo is NOT me. Thanks for looking into this.

  11. Ibelieve that Zack is the recruit that everyone was hoping would commit to Syracuse.
    It looks to me that the scouting(pundits) experts overlooked this kid and gave him only a 2* rating. I hope that he takes the Elite 11 competition and makes them all look like fools.

    A new tee shirt with” “Syracuse HOME TO THE ZACK ATTACK” is going on sale as we write!!!!!

    Only joking there folks, only joking.

    I want to wish Zack Allen the very best competing in the Elite 11.


  12. Norma Stitz

    Ron you maybe joking but don’t put it past the local shops to do just that! Hahaha! And bgogo I completely agree with you that he could be the turning point. That “over the hump” type player that gets SU back to the level they should be. I actually think SU is super close and definitely going in the right direction and Zack may be the missing piece. And not to put all the pressure on him but I think he is use to pressure. Go CUSE!!!!

  13. @Norma,your post indicates to me that you are pretty knowledgeable of Syracuse University and the game of football. I think that it’s great and I take my hat off to any man who brings his wife,girlfriend or daughter to the games.

    Do you live in the upstate area? Do you attend any of the games? The reason that I ask is that my son’s and I tailgate over at Manley Field House. If ever your in the area please come and join us for some lively conversation. Thank you for taking the time to join the others who post here. And thank you for keeping your post positive,it’s much appreciated.

    @Russell MacEachern the invitation goes out to you also. Would make for a great afternoon or evening if we could get together and talk Syracuse Football.

    I’ve always responded to the nay-sayers that if Coach Marrone and staff is given time that he would turn the program around.
    We are starting to see the rewards of their efforts.

    GO CUSE;

  14. Norma Stitz

    Ron I do go to every SU football game and I think I am pretty knowledgable but Norma is not my name just a joke I heard and thought it was funny. Kinda feels odd to be referred to as Norma when you are a mid 30’s guy but it kinda stuck recently so I hung with it. I do take, or should I say my girlfriend goes to every game with me. She is a huge fan as well but I def keep her in the loop on the new info/ fan boards stuff. Would love to have a fizz meet up for one of the games it would be a good opportunity to meet the people behind the posts. I do like the positive optimistic posts as well, gotta believe! Sorry for the deception if there was any with the name there was definitely none intended.

  15. Russell MacEachern

    @Ron and bgogo….Ron sounds like fun as we get closer to season we’ll work it out…and bgogo..I did’nt think that post sounded like you..we have a prankster among us!!btw Ron..were u on vacation?I missed ur thoughts for a few day’s!!

  16. Russell MacEachern

    HaHaha…Norma..u had me fooled but not bgogo…I thought it was unusual though for most female’s to have that intensity towards the “game” is quite rare…thanks for coming out of the “closet”..Haha..

  17. Norma Stitz

    I feel like a band new man!!! Hahaha sorry again I truly didn’t mean for it to trick anyone just wasn’t sure about posting on this sight at first but I have found I quite enjoy it. Good fans here.

  18. Ok guys,I’m looking forward to the meeting. Like I said my sons and I tailgate over at Manley and have over the last 10 years made new friends that we talk to while having a few drinks and some good food.

    Looking forwards to a good discussion. I know the other guys will enjoy it also.

    Thanks for responding. Have a happy and safe 4th of July weekend.

    I just read that a safty out of NYC area Travon Reid has just committed to Syracuse.

    As the season gets closer guys we’ll make plans for a great tailgate party.

    GO CUSE;

  19. Norma Stitz

    Very good news about Reid if that is the word. Like the momentum with the city kids. Also I read on 24/7’s national recruiting coordinators twitter that he posted a picture of Isiaah ” Zeke” Johnson with his SU hat on. As I suspected the picture that is up on here for him is not what this kid looks like. Nothing like that menacing picture! Hahhaha! Good to see him wearing the SU gear at the NYC 7v7 though. Safe holiday for you too Ron.

  20. We got a pretty good little group here working.

  21. Cuse Don't Luse

    I am a reader who is generally not a poster but reading these comments in general has made me open up to this concept. The news about Reid is great! I feel he may not be an exceptionally skilled recruit on the field like Brandon Reddish (at least yet), but he will keep this pipeline going. People say Boom Perkins and Ishaq Williams were are closest shots to a big fish but I really feel like we have a better shot with Ogundeko. He got offers from Florida St. and Ole Miss and the way he handled that situation was comforting. He added Ole Miss to his final schools and not Florida St. because he could play immiadtley. I feel like the Ole Miss is similar to Syracuse with the ACC outlook and the factor that Syracuse did get their early. Also, going back to an earlier comment about Kamara i read some where else that Allen called all of the receivers and running backs that we are recruiting and got them to consider Syracuse even more and even put Syracuse in some of their top 2’s. Interperate that as you will but it sounds like Allen is doing everything he can do get the Cuse where we need to be. Excited for this year think we will be greatly improved GO CUSE and thank you to the other commentors who have let me open up and start commenting. Sorry if this was a bit lengthy

  22. Russell MacEachern

    Welcome aboard Cuse Don’t Luse…glad u opened up…it took me a little while at first too but these Fizz readers are a great bunch of guys!!Best of the holidays to all…

  23. Norma Stitz

    Good stuff CUSE! And welcome to the commenting side of the boards. I heard, from another sites recruiting director, that Ogundeko told him yesterday in a phone call it is still just Florida, ND and SU. Take that for what you will. I read the same Allen article and that is awesome he did that type of proactive recruiting! I hope that it is productive and SU snags a few good recruits because of it. I think a lot rides on how SU plays this year. If they are exciting and competitive the recruits may look harder but if they lay an egg( lord please no egg) I think the recruits look elsewhere. I really think SU will be much improved this year so bring on the recruits!!!!

  24. Russell MacEachern

    Hey Fella’s…at 1pm today the NYC/LI game (hs)all-stars is on MSGplus….Sunday 1pm..right now!!Wayne Morgan’s playing…

  25. First order of business: Copyrighting names…. (bgogo)

    Love the conversation guys. The first time I watched Allen’s tape, I immediately said, for a two star, this kid has some talent. Highly, highly underrated for just a two star product looked at as just a “scrambling” QB.

    And we’ll have to get a giant Fizz banner for these upcoming tailgates!

  26. @Fitz;nice to have you aboard. If your in the area don’t be afraid to come and join the party.

    The FIZZ web site gives us the latest up to date news on all of Syracuse University Athletics This site speaks for itself and doesn’t need anyone advertising for them.

    I didn’t read one negative thought about that 2* quarterback Zack Allen out of Texas in any of the previous post. I think that we all agree the kid is underrated and is going to be fun watching for the next 4/5 years here at Syracuse.

    I for one would only hope that the Fizz gives a little more in depth reporting on the womens teams at Syracuse. The lacrosse,basketball,ice hockey,softball and field hockey teams are good,I mean real good and should be getting more coverage than what they are getting now.

    But back to the subject at hand,DA a GIANT FIZZ BANNER isn’t a bad idea and would be proud to display it at a tailgate party anywhere for a game.

    Wouldn’t it be great to have a party down at Giants Stadium for the USC Game?

    For the Fizz,great job,thank you all.


  27. Russell MacEachern

    funny Fitz @Ron,I was thinking the same thing about gathering under some sort of Fizz Crew banner myself…it would set us apart and act as a guice!!btw Ron Im a big WBB fan and the girls are on the rise…as for mens hoops they bore me…to much pro oriented turns me off…arrogant 1 year wonders…the girls are challenging RUs girls and if they keep it up watch out Auriemma!!!Too bad Brianna Stewart did’nt stay and help out!!!

  28. Russell MacEachern

    I meant guide…sorry for the misspelling!

  29. @Russell MacEachern;I can’t remember when any articles posted by the FIZZ had 28 responses listed to it on the web site and it’s been all good.
    If anyone understands the game of basketball and watches the women play,they would come to the conclusion that fundamentally they are superior to the men when playing the game.

    Let’s hope that they give the women at Syracuse their due.

  30. I just finished reading the following on another web page.
    Syracuse, NY — A pair of young football players from Newburgh Free Academy have picked up scholarship offers from Syracuse University, according to a report in the Times-Herald Record of Middletown.

    Running back Anthony Dubose, a rising sophomore, and defensive back Jalen Williams, who will be a junior in the fall, were offered by SU receivers coach Rob Moore.

    Can you believe this? Coach Marrone and his staff are already looking at players for their 2014 and 2015 classes.

    Way to go Cuse?

  31. bgogo

    @Ron: It will be interesting to see if that strategy pays off. I’m kind of like you, “Way to go Cuse?” Not sure either, but you have to like the agressiveness I guess.

    Fitz: Thanks for the support on my name. Maybe some of us can make like Anthony Davis and trademark our names. If he can trademark something as ridiculous as “Fear the Brow,” then I can at least do “NoNo steal identity from Gogo.”

  32. Russell MacEachern

    @Ron..Im glad im not the only one who appreciates WBB…they play the game the way it was played when I grew up in the 60s…W/Fundementals mixed with artistry!!the idea of offering schollys early isn’t a new concept but you have to have stability to pull it off…all the good recruiting schools do it..btw Ron the last football post’s we were going for 40 comments …check it out as u did’nt participate..thats why i thought u were on vacation..!!

  33. bgogo

    I think we’ll still make 40 on the other post. Allen’s too big of a deal not to.

  34. Russell MacEachern

    @Bgogo…if Ron chips in we’ll make it…

  35. @ Russell MacEachern,the article that had 40 responses was that about the three basketball players getting drafted?

    @Fitz has to be a laywer talking about copyright infringement. I just want to know if your going to represent Bgogo in court to protect his name?

    @Bgogo, Ithink a guy that goes by Terry is trying to raise some trouble here. Has anyone else noticed that he hasn’t offered up any of his foolishness lately? I believe that after Zach Allen’s performance last weekend in the Elite 11,finally shut him up.

    @Russell MacEachern, I hope this helps.


  36. Hey fella’s sorry for spelling lawyer wrong. I apologize to everyone for the mistake.

  37. Russell MacEachern

    No Ron ..go to the article about the recruiting ranking’s written the other day..28 or 29th i believe…good stuff..

  38. Russell MacEachern

    click on Summer school..early “13”recruiting the top in the guide to recent storys ..37 or more fun comments..

  39. schmitty

    59 DAYS!!!!! gonna shcok the nation this yr

  40. Mike P

    I see Rivals has Zach rated a 3 star QB right now. Did this recently go up? All the previous posts refer to him as a 2 star. He must be opening some eyes nationally!

  41. Russell MacEachern

    Congrat’s Mike P your #40 comment…u win the right to continue commenting free of charge..,Haha..

  42. bgogo

    I’ll be sure to use Fitz as my copyright lawyer. Fortunately, he was already my academic adviser.

  43. Norma Stitz

    Mike P, he did get a bump awhile back(maybe 3-4 weeks ago) up to the 3 star. Austin Wilson got 3 stars at the same time, by rivals that is. Not sure what the other sites rate him.

  44. bgogo

    Scout has both at two stars. I’m sure Allen will jump to four stars soon enough. Some people complain that he should have been there all along, but if he had been, we would’ve faced much stiffer competition. I think it’s actually a good thing.

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