Fizz’s Big East Power Rankings (10/30): Bowl Projections, Where’s SU Finish?

Who will be going bowling at the end of the season in the Big East?

Louisville remains perfect atop the weekly Fizz Big East Power Rankings, but the conference did loss a team from the BCS polls for a second straight week. If you’re keeping track, the MAC – yes, the MAC – has now collected 4 wins against the BE this season. A couple of teams got back to .500, but the bottom tier of the conference continues to plummet. Here’s this week’s Power Rankings:

1) #10 Louisville 8-0, 3-0 (Last weekend: W, 34-31 v. Cincinnati)

The Cardinals didn’t get off to the best start against the Bearcats, but QB Teddy Bridgewater came up clutch again late, tossing two fourth quarter TD passes. Louisville remains perfect – and jumps Rutgers for the #1 spot – but continues to win by the skin of its teeth. Bridgewater passed for over 416 yards and two TD’s, the first 400 yard game of his career. The Cards are undefeated, but clearly not national championship caliber. If you placed them in the SEC or another powerful conference, they’d have three losses by now. UofL might not be exposed until the bowl game, but they’re winning the games they have to right now.

Up Next: v. Temple, Saturday

2)   Rutgers 7-1, 4-0 (L, 35-23 v. Kent State)

The Knights didn’t have Hurricane Sandy on their minds during a lackadaisical loss to the Golden Flashes. Instead it was Hurricane Durham that ripped through RU. 6’0” 260 lb. tailback Trayion Durham bulldozed the Rutgers front line for 131 yards and a TD. Kent State dominated the line of scrimmage and tamed and manhandled RU’s defense. Gary Nova threw six picks, and resorted to freshman mistakes like passing into double coverage, and throwing across his body. A terribly ugly game, but the Knights get away with murder. If you’re going to drop a game, do it against a non-conference opponent in October.

Up Next: v. Army, Saturday November 10th.

3)   Cincinnati 5-2, 1-1 (L, 34-31 @ #10 Louisville)

Cincinnati remains at #3 despite their loss to the Cards in the rain. Munchie Legaux continues to struggle, but Cincy showed a lot more physicality despite giving up 34 points. Legaux threw 3 interceptions, including one in overtime that finished off the Bearcats, and got off to a dreadful 4/15 start in the first half. Behind RB George Winn the Cincinnati ground game was solid, but Legaux needs to play more consistent or this team could fade quickly. The Bearcats finish with five straight Big East opponents.

Up Next: v. Syracuse, Saturday

4)   Syracuse 4-4, 3-1 (W, 37-36 @ USF)

A fantastic come from behind win for the Orange, but it remains fourth in the conference. SU erased a 20-point halftime deficit, but still a lot to improve upon heading into its critical four game stretch to end the season. Penalties piled up Saturday, and the Orange won’t be able to get away with sluggish first-half starts in its quest for six wins. This game brings huge momentum, though. Ryan Nassib threw four touchdowns, and Marcus Sales and Jarrod West combined for 16 catches and 223 yards, as the duo lit up the secondary in the second half. That was not a stout Bulls defense by any means, and SU needs to get off to a better start against Cincinnati this weekend on the road.

Up Next: @ Cincinnati, Saturday

5)   Pittsburgh 4-4, 1-3 (W, 47-17 v. Temple)

This could be the most volatile football team in the Big East conference. You don’t know what you’re going to get each week. QB Tino Sunseri was steady and passed for 321 yards and 3 TD’s. He’s been the most consistent to piece to an inconsistent offense, and is 8th in the nation in passer rating (164.8). Pitt raced out to a 31-7 halftime lead over the Owls and never looked back. The fast start helped the Panthers forget about their 105 penalty yards. They will get steamrolled by Notre Dame this weekend, but still have enough left in the tank to get to the six-win plateau.

Up Next: @ #3 Notre Dame, Saturday

6)   Temple 3-4, 2-2 (L, 47-17 @ Pittsburgh)

And now the flipside. The Owls slip one slot in the rankings after taking a beating from the Panthers. This team really doesn’t do enough offensively to stay competitive in shootouts. Chris Coyer has been the definition of inconsistent, and RB Montel Harris isn’t getting enough carries to be as effective. Temple has a couple left on the table that are winnable, but with a schedule of only 11 games, getting to six wins will be very hard.

Up Next: @ #10 Louisville, Saturday

7)   USF 2-6, 0-4 (L, 37-36 v. Syracuse)

QB BJ Daniels was running and gunning all night down in Tampa. Too bad he couldn’t suit up for the D. The secondary couldn’t stop Nassib, and the defense squandered a 20-point halftime lead for the most demoralizing loss of the season. Where was the BJ of Saturday night was all season? The fifth year QB didn’t turn the ball over, passed for a touchdown, and also racked up 134 yards on the ground. USF showed an offensive fire that hasn’t been seen much of this season.  The final month could be competitive for the Bulls, but four straight wins usually don’t follow six consecutive losses.

Up Next: v. UConn, Saturday

8)   UConn 3-5, 0-3 (Bye)

And the lowly Huskies round out the rankings at #8. UConn had a bye this week, and it sure needed it. Something needs to spark this team on the offensive end after its 30-point loss to SU two weeks ago. Connecticut and QB Chandler Whitmer has to come out swinging against South Florida on Saturday.

Up Next: @ USF, Saturday

Fitz’s Finish: Projected Big East Bowls/Records

1. Rutgers: 10-2, 6-1                         BCS/Orange Bowl

2. Syracuse: 6-6, 5-2                         Russell Athletic Bowl

3. Louisville: 10-2, 5-2                     Belk Bowl

4. Cincinnati: 8-4, 4-3                     Pinstripe Bowl

5. Pitt: 6-6, 3-4                                   BBVA Compass Bowl/Autozone Liberty Bowl

6. Temple: 5-6, 3-4                            N/A

7. USF: 4-8, 2-5                                  N/A

8. UConn: 3-9, 0-7                            N/A

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  1. Cincy has issues in the secondary. Watching them try to cover Louisville receivers in the fourth quarter was comical; Louisville didn’t fare much better against Cincy’s receivers either. Nassib and company should have a field day, especially if they can pound the ball early with Jerome Smith and PTG and keep the D honest. I like Sales, Lemon and West against their d-backs. Is Kobena supposed to be back? I thought I had heard he might be. Would be nice to get him in the mix (returning kicks too).

    Munchie Legaux…. Not impressed. He doesn’t seem very accurate as a passer and makes some terrible decisions. Look for a pick or two from the Syracuse defense.

    This is a winnable game! Hopefully the boys come out inspired and fight like they did at USF. It seems like everyone has penciled in a win vs Temple, but we need one of the next three for that to even matter. I like CUSE in a close one on Saturday. Plus, I’ve got a case of beer on the line with a buddy of mine from Cincinnati!

  2. @Kevin Fitzgerald,If I’m reading your predictions correctly,your picking Syracuse to beat Cincinnati on Saturday and losing to Louisville the following week. You also think that Rutgers will beat Cincinnati. Kevin that’s pretty wild man and hard to digest.

    I think Rutgers will lose a couple more games this year. Have they played Cincinnati or Louisville yet? It’s going to be very interesting, all the way to the end,not only for Syracuse but the entire league.

    GO CUSE;

  3. the dipper

    @UncRuss…yes, the change is in reference to ur nickname for me, I’ll probably flip!!!

    * Munchie isn’t consistent yet, but he’s better than lots of Qbs, can’t discount huge plays he’s made this season. SU can beat these guys, Munchie has ta feel the pressure. Predictions? I wanna see how far UofL can go…they keep winning? WVU was #2 with White & Slaton….could happen?

  4. I’m sticking with my original prediction…
    Cincy played its first five games at home…that included Del st, Fordam, Miami Oh, Va Tech, and Pitt. None of those wins look that good now. Lost next two road games against Toldeo and L’ville. SU would have been 5-0 if they played that schedule too.
    So how good is Cincy? Good at home, but its a noon game which is better for Cuse. Cuse has huge momentum after last week. Pretty evenly matched game, but I look for the Cuse upset. SU 29 Cincy 24

    I sure hope the fans show up for the L’ville game…this hard working team deserves a sellout.

  5. The feeling of winning this game and needing one more win to become bowl eligible against U of L sounds eerily familiar… hope our history changes this time around.

  6. Russell MacEachern

    Dipper,thanks Dip I was a little taken aback as I noticed but I think bigdipper sounds great too,do what suits u, I’ll like u anyways or flipping flopping is fine too in this regard!!..Boy could the Giants get screwed any worse by the refs?esp after that Saturday “Cuse” nailbiter!!I like Fitz’s power rankings this week again as far as the order but Id rather we stayed close to home to play in front of our fans and downstate recruits and were not a big draw yet so staying in NY would make sure we had fannies in the seats!I hope we get WVU as the BiG12 is the usual opponent there!!I don’t think we “BE” ever lost that bowl!!We’ll beat Mizzou and Temple tho who knows which Temple will show up?And 1 of the 2 BE games probably Cinncy!!Yea I know Temple is BE but as I said we “probably” beat them!!Wow,2 of our BE wins were by 1 pt,please guys my heart can’t take these tight games!!Win one easy for the “Dipper”.. HaHa..

  7. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,u seem to forget,unlike some on the board Fitz trys to be objective!!Forgive him his honesty,we can love “Cuse” w/o the “glasses”!!Have faith my friend,have faith!!Remember,the “League of Superhero’s” is sending the “Hulk” as a surefire DL commit!!

  8. Russell MacEachern

    Carlton,did u sober up yet?Ha Ha..What a weekend for you huh?Crabtree ruined my fantasy week,I lost by a single point!!Im 5-3 now!!I figure by today the “tonic” should be wearing off,lol!!”Cuse” really showed what were made of Sat night too,between the 2 games u must have been going wild?..

  9. Kevin Fitzgerald

    I think you’re bet could be safe. Cincinnati hasn’t beaten anyone spectacular, and Munchie has been the definition of inconsistency. The Orange can’t come out flat like they did on Saturday thou on the road. The one thing that Munchie isn’t, he is not as quick as BJ. Not as much of a scrambler, more of a straight runner which benefits SU’s front line.

    Here’s how I see it. I actually don’t see SU beating Cincy on the road, but taking down LVille at home and also beating Temple to hit .500. That would put SU at 5-2 in league play, and they would beat out LVille in the tie-breaker.

    Think its a tough shot for Rutgers to lose 2 more conf. games and then have SU finish perfect in the BE (That would be only scenario for SU to make BCS game) just don’t see it happening. Too much has to happen that they can’t control. Also, think Rutgers beats Cincy which isn’t crazy at all. The Knights will drop one more game–I think they’ll lose to Pitt on the road.

    I agree, Cincy is vulnerable, and could easily go into a Nose dive to finish this season.

    **SU can easily beat LVille or Cincy. I’ve been saying it all year: NO TEAM in this conference is far and away better than the rest and unbeatable. Not even close–especially now that Rutgers got pushed around this wkend.

  10. PTG will break our hearts one way or the other this year. When he runs the ball the ball is all over the place. And his BS attitude will cause us a PF if he doesn’t grow up. He gains a yard or two then jumps up and get in a opponents face. He does that a majority of the time. I wonder why your man HCDM/dougie doesn’t get after him on that. If he doen’t dougie should. Plus this is a FB site. Please keep the BB info(Roberson) for later or for other sites. I really can’t remember if we get info about the FB program on sites during BB season. None really!!

  11. Kevin Fitzgerald

    I’m sorry, I don’t like to pick on you guys, but I have to call you out right now…You’re completely wrong about Prince Tyson. False. Wrong. Way off. Not even close.

    You can’t just make things up. PTG does not have a bad or nasty attitude, and does not get into player’s faces a “majority” of the time.

  12. @Kevin Fitzgerald,and I thought that I was the only one who thought Terrie was way out of line when it came to discussing Syracuse Football.
    He reminds me of “Chicken Little”,always yelling the sky is falling,the sky is falling. But you know in his story no one listens to him either. At times it’s awful hard to ignore Terrie,especially when he talks about Prince-Tyson Gully and his attitude and abilities to run the football.

    Thanks Kevin for giving him a good old fashioned whipping.

    GO CUSE;

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