Syracuse’s Fantastic Five: The Top 5 Orange Targets Left for NSD 2013

Ebenezer Ogundeko (left) and Sean Avant (right) are two of SU’s hottest targets.

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Less than three months until National Signing Day 2013, and Syracuse hasn’t picked up a commitment since July. News will start to heat up now that high school seasons are coming to a close, so The Fizz has compiled the top 5 available recruits for SU. It features a lot of size and athleticism, popular traits of Doug Marrone’s targets. The Orange is playing its best football of the season at an opportune time, but there are plenty of needs to fill on the roster.

Here’s our top 5 Class of 2013:

5. DT Rakim Peters   

3-star             6’3”, 230 lbs             Winder, GA (Apalachee HS)

The Georgia D-Lineman has spent his senior year focused on a state championship. Peters told The Fizz over the summer he wouldn’t focus on the recruiting noise until after the season because of how dedicated he was to the task at hand. Although the Wildcats finished 5-5, Rakim still had a splendid season. He’s a superb pass rusher and his top schools include Syracuse, Clemson, Missouri, Kentucky and Mississippi State. He told The Fizz before his season he planned on taking a visit to SU. Marrone has invaded Georgia lately and has reeled in five Peach State prospects in the last two classes.

4. WR Sean Avant

3-star             6’0”, 185 lbs             Miramar, FL (Miramar HS)

SU’s current Class of 2013 is missing a wide receiver (although the Orange does have Quinta Funderburke after his transfer from Arkansas). Recruiting Coordinator Greg Adkins told The Fizz this year’s group will be limited to 16 players. The Orange will loss Alec Lemon and Marcus Sales after this season, and Jarrod West will follow next year. Those are all Syracuse’s top wideouts, and the names behind the trio don’t jump off the page. Avant is the only receiver SU has a good chance at this class, so using its Miaramar connection would be beneficial here. CB’s Keon Lyn and Ri’Shard Anderson are both graduates.

3. DE Justin Moody    

3-star             6’3”, 265 lbs             Philadelphia, PA (GW HS)

It’s not often you come across a 265 lb. end that can run a 4.8 40-yard dash. That’s the type of speed the Philadelphia native has. Moody has physically dominated guys in Phily’s Class 4A, and the 3-star prospect is planning his visit to Syracuse. We  spoke with Justin and his coach Ron Cohen earlier this year. It could come down to SU or Pittsburgh for the DE, luckily the Orange is having a much better season than the Panthers.

2. RB Laray Smith       

3-star             6’1”, 185 lbs             Brooklyn, NY (Xavarian HS)

The word playmaker is thrown around a lot, but no one deserves the tag more than Smith. Laray was the king of big plays his senior year at Xavarian. Every time I chatted with the speedy back he’d be telling me about this 65-yard TD, or that 75-yard scamper. SU’s class has home run threats (like his buddy Augustus Edwards) and the tailback brings 4.4 40-yard dash speed to the table. If Syracuse could reel in Smith, it would have one of the deepest and most dynamic backfields ever for the Orange. Prince-Tyson Gully and Jerome Smith will be seniors. Then add Adonis Ameen-Moore as a junior. Now factor in Augustus, Ashton Broyld, Devante McFarlane, and George Morris. If SU adds Laray it could give the program one of the best units in the nation. Smith has SU on his final list just ahead of Tennessee. He’s visiting Knoxville soon and will be in Syracuse the weekend of December 8th.

1. DE Ebenezer Ogundeko     

4-star             6’4” 245 lbs              Brooklyn, NY (Jefferson HS)

Ebo would be the biggest commit in Marrone’s four years as head coach. Ogundeko already has the size and athleticism, and will be an NFL-ready pass rusher in a few years. He has his final five schools and official visits all laid out. He was at Arizona State earlier in October, and just got back from Florida this past weekend. The DE heads out to Clemson this Saturday and will be at Mississippi December 1st. That leaves the best for last. Ogundeko will visit Syracuse the weekend of December 8th, along with the ‘Cuse Clique: Zach Allen, Austin Wilson, Edwards, Smith and more. It’s reassuring that Ebenezer will be on campus having fun with SU’s Class of 2013. Hopefully some of the guys will be doing their best recruiting jobs to sway the Brooklyn native to CNY.

Wild Card: DE Malik Brown  

3-star             6’3” 215 lbs              West Palm Beach, FL (Dwyer, HS)

You may not have heard much of Brown, but the Florida pass rusher is high on the Orange. The 3-star product has SU in his final three and will be making an official visit to the Hill in the near future. The agile Brown has over a dozen offers from Big East, Big Ten and SEC schools, but his top list includes Syracuse, Mississippi State and South Florida. He runs a 4.6 40, and is an absolute freight train of acceleration off the edge. Malik is just as effective standing up as he is in the 3-point stance. If he doesn’t bulk up, he’d be a great addition to the LB core or as a TE convert. He plays some wideout at Dwyer HS as well.

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  1. We need Offensive Line!!! Specifically Offensive Tackles. With the schollies we have left, we had better get ,at the very least,4 offensive linemen.

  2. There a number of JUCO players that the program is going after. You might want to isolate them for identification and possibilities. Two or three out in California. One is John Miller from a very far west JCLets go Fizz Step up.

  3. Russell MacEachern

    @Ron,does Moody ring a bell?Remember what I told you last week?Im always ahead of the curve!!He’s as good as EO or very close!RU only stopped recruiting him when 4 star DE/T Justin Pollard 6’5″ 285 decommitted from PSU and stayed home!!

  4. O Line would be great if we could get Alex Officer from Rochester but it looks as if he might be headed to PITT>. Anyways JCO guys are fine. One year with HCDM and they will be fine.. GO CUSE

  5. OrangeCrush27

    Officer and Curtis?

  6. Russell MacEachern

    B1G day for RU today,4 star OG/C Dorian Miller committed on MSG varsity tonight…19th commit!!Only room for 3 or 4 more!!a “little birdie” told me!!his other finalists were UT,UNC and UConn!!

  7. Russell MacEachern

    I agree Lou that Officer is a guy we gotta get!!I don’t know why on the rivals recruiting site he didnt have us in his top 5?That was a couple days ago!!I see he was looking at Pitt and RU??Whats up with that?C’mon Dougie put Wheatly on him!!

  8. Russell MacEachern

    Remember this guy Justin Moody wants to stay close to home and I think were 24 miles closer than Pitt? Again ..get Wheatly on him!!

  9. OrangeCrush27

    Curtis committed to…Iowa St.???? WTF???

  10. smitty section 129

    We need to a good crowd at the basketball game on the 8th to welcome these young men to syracuse.

  11. Russell MacEachern

    Curtis?Iowa State over the “Cuse”?…he must not have the smarts to get into SU!!Doesnt he know were going ACC??WTF,AMES,Ia over NY?

  12. @Russell MacEachern,Calm down buddy, calm down.

  13. i think a big factor would be offensive line as well. i feel we will get some juco guys, which doesn’t bother me as long as they stay eligable.

  14. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,WTF,where were ya all afternoon?I was alone barking at the moon!!Where u working hard or hardly working?

  15. Russell MacEachern

    Why would Laray be visiting Knoxville?UT don’t even have a coach???Dooley was fired a few days ago!!Laray Smith I always figured a lock to “Cuse”!!!

  16. @Russell MacEachern;I had things that needed to get done Russ. I noticed that you’ve moved to your mom’s house for the rest of the week.

    I’ve posted my final thought’s Russell on conference expansion on another thread. have you read it yet?

    Telling me your birthday is on the 25th was a surprise. We’ve got more in common than you realize Russ. If you don’t mind me asking,how old is your mom?

  17. the Curtis to Iowa State thing should not be a surprise…..the kid said he was looking for the best fit for him…and said he loved his visit there. some kids do make decisions about school that have little to do with football and more to do with other stuff…like academics..or the guys on the team… Officer is the OL men….that I would hate to loose out on……..Look at how this year’s line is playing especially after Pugh came back…shows how important a great line is!!!!

  18. Hey folks the talent that we have been talking about since July is up in the air. I still think HCDM/dougie image ain’t good and other programs are playing on that. What ever it is??? Look all of the main talent SU is interested in are neutral or looking at other places. HCDM has to be the issue here!!

  19. Terry:
    HCDM has done a good job in turning the program around from the abyss that was the Greg Robinson era..and don’t underestimate how deep that abyss was. These recruits that are up in the air, have great choices besides SU. We are not going up agains MAC schools for talent anymore. I like our chances to sign the players that we need at the end of the season. We are in good position to close strong.
    Moving to the ACC and having a team that is winning on the field and having a first round draft pick last year that is playing well….all bodes well for SU recruiting….think positive Bro.

  20. Russell MacEachern

    Marrone is a decent coach but his image is a “bit” paranoid and chilly instead of warm and in control but worse is that visor thats got to go!!Not Dougie!!…Ron,on MSG varsity tonight OG 4star Dorian Miller of Metuchen HS, NJ announced RU!!I heard he committed in Sept but kept it secret!!#1 OL in NJ!!….also my mom is 80 since Sept!!

  21. @Russell MacEachern;God bless;80 years old/young. I wish her well Russell,enjoy the holiday’s and of course your birthday as well.

  22. The Real Terry

    I think you guys are blowing the O-line need out of proportion. The SU offensive line will have four returners next year and have three very solid offensive line freshman from last year in kyle Knapp, Jason Emerich, and I forgot the third, not too mention Ivan Foy. So i think the O-line is set for a bit.

  23. OrangeCrush27

    Dr. Bill: Completely agree with you. I was more just joking regarding his pick. Accordign to to rivals/scouts he had good visits to both ISU and Wake. Wasn’t suprised by his pick.

    I see Officer has L’ville and Pitt has his top teams.

  24. Offensive Lineman on the Roster below not including non-scholarship players:
    Trudo G
    Palmer G
    MacPherson C
    Hickey T
    Phillips T
    Pugh T
    Robinson T
    Foy T
    Alexander T (may have a redshirt year if Marrone offers one)
    Knapp T
    Emerich C

    12 total on the roster, so we could use 2 or 3 more for depth. Possibly going after some JUCO kids.

  25. BABLEING again!! OL is the number 1 skill level need for SU. Pugh might move on if so HCDM/dougie is back to his lousy methods. Yes we have greatly improved and I’ve been hard on dougie, but programs are built on incoming talent and dougie this year looks to have failed with his winning way there. YES its early. And with so few numbers to use that can’t help either!! But to lose to Iowa State for an OL means something is in the wind about HCDM or the program itself. I’m excited about the improved play of the team(concerned about the coaching), but I’m tired of the roller coaster novel dougie reads to us every other year. With out Ryan next year SU will be a nightmare season with HCDM at the helm. I still think or hope that dougie has something up his sleeve about the 2013 class coming in. We are rated #80 recruiting class nationally now. An average dougie class will kill the program for years. If winning does not improve our talent reaching then what will??? It sure in the hell won’t be HCDM/dougie’s coaching techniques!!! BEAT TEMPLE at least!!

  26. Hey Terrie;I honestly thought that you were a changed person. Boy was I wrong!!! It’s Thanksgiving man,give it a break.

    You message has and always will be,I hate the “dougie”. We get it,move on won’t you?

    I like the babbling that goes on here. Sorry it gets you upset,but do you think anyone out here really cares?


  27. @ron n terry…hug it out fellas!
    @cuseonly….OL has talent to develop, a few studs wouldnt hurt.
    @terry…HCDM changed his IMAGE @Mizzou…?
    @UncleRuss & FFers…Happy Turkey day

    *recruiting: there may be a log jam of scholarships,but we got the likes of Diabate, Goggins, Pierce-brewster, Wr Clark, Funderburke, and acouple more guys in return, that will make an impact in 2013. Its a great trade off when you look at production on the field, this season and potentially next season as well…the 2013 class will have 19+ recruits! Depth at all positions is the best problem SU could have?

  28. Ronette, I am have changed on HCDM/dougie. He’s improving slowly. But he still is average for his 4 years here. Its lucky he has talent here. The heart of this team(o and D) is gone this spring. We’ll see if your boy dougie can do “better” with what he has for 2013. Oh yeah homeys like Ronette will still say give him another year after next year if he fails. That’s getting old. Right how SU is 80th in recruiting for 2013. Come on what improvement is that??? Yes HCDM is getting better, but the evidence does not show that, now. Constructive criticism does not hurt the healthy only the weak!!

  29. @Terrie;if you would have paid any attention at all on what I’ve said about any coach coming in and trying to change a losing program into a winning one was. When a school hires a new coach it takes him or here 5 years to change a program to where he/she has their team full of players that they’ve recruited. And then I’ve always said look for improvement in his 6th season. Just to let you know,I’m not going to back off of that statement

    So Terrie,give us your thought’s? You want to take a few steps backwards and extend our misery a few years longer,who would you bring in? Show us your intelligence,your wisdom by telling us who you’d hire?

  30. Russell MacEachern

    Same to u Dip and Ron on the holiday!!

  31. @Terry;The heart of this team(o and D) is gone this spring. We’ll see if your boy dougie can do “better” with what he has for 2013.

    Must be Terrie that you really don’t follow what’s happening with the football team. The offensive line loses just one of it’s members this year to graduation and will be replaces(my guess is)by6’2″ 311 lb OT Omari Palmer or 6’3″ 282 lb OT Rob Trudo and your forgetting about 6’4″ 245 lb TE Ron”Sugar Bear” Thompson.
    our running backs are plentiful watch for Georg Morris III to get into the rotation.

    On defense one of the(Zian Jones)Juco transfers and the(John Raymon) Iowa transfer that isn’t playing this year is only going to make our defense stronger.

    The point that I’m trying to make is the cupboard is full here at Syracuse,and Coach Marrone and staff won’t have to worry about who should be in the game. The other point that I was trying to make is,you’re way off target with your assessment of the team. WAY OFF TARGET.

  32. @UncR..welcome my friend!
    @R&T….some valid points, among them : 1 HCDM is growing 2. The cupboard is far from empty…3. The journey isnt over: recruiting, coaching, building, & working 4. 2013 expectations will be huge….but hey BC? Wake? Duke? Pitt? UVa? NCst? UNC? .. we could bowl(better) every season, the ACC bottom is HORRIBLE.

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    produce a top notch article… but what can I say… I put things off
    a lot and don’t manage to get anything done.

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