SU Locks Up Another One! Malik Brown Tells Fizz Marrone is a “Cool Dude”

The Florida pass rusher gives verbal to SU after feeling at home on the Hill.

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Syracuse nabbed its 14th commit for the Class of 2013 as 3-star Florida DE Malik Brown tells The Fizz it was all thanks to the respect he got from the SU coaches. In recruiting, the term show me the love is thrown around a lot. While Doug Marrone is not Jerry Maguire, HCDM gets into a zone on the recruiting trail and is effective in letting players know their importance.

“They recruited me so hard. They sent two or three coaches down here. I mean, I had three in-home visits from Syracuse. They just made me feel comfortable. If they’re showing me love and I don’t even go to the school, what kind of love do you think they’re going to show me there? I love it.”

SU shot up Brown’s list late in his recruiting process. All three of those in-home visits were within the last month. The West Palm Beach native joked the Orange showed him more love than he gets at home. Not only did John Anselmo, Scott Shafer and Steve Morrison impress Brown during the visits, his parents were also thrilled by their dedication to the 6’4” 230 lb. Dwyer HS product.

Brown admitted to The Fizz his decision came down to Syracuse and Minnesota. The athletic pass rusher had over a dozen offers from other schools like Mississippi State, Purdue and South Florida. But it hit him hard last night that he didn’t want to wear any other colors besides the Orange. He immediately called Morrison and broke his news on Twitter. Brown visited The Hill the weekend of December 7th, and returned from a visit to Minnesota a few days ago. His trip to the Twin Cities went well, but he tells The Fizz there was just something different about SU.

“As soon as I came home from [SU] I knew it was the place for me. It’s a long way from home, I get home sick very fast. But I just felt at home.”

Marrone seems to do his best recruiting under pressure. Three in home visits in a span of a few weeks is a ton of strenuous traveling. But it’s worth it for the Florida DE/OLB hybrid pass rusher. Even at his size, Brown runs a 4.7 40-yard dash. The main element of his game that attracted SU was his speed. Because of his freakish quickness, Malik says he can fool offenses easily. He can wreak havoc in the backfield or drop back into coverage.

“I am very versatile, I can play inside, I can play outside, I can do a lot things with my game. A lot of people don’t know what I’m going to do, so that’s how I beat them.”

The senior even played a little tight end during his high school career. He’ll most likely play OLB until he beefs up enough to contribute on the defensive line.

Malik becomes the fourth defensive line commit for this class. . The front four could be SU’s nastiest unit next year, and Brown will be able to learn from some of the vets on the line. Jay Bromley already met and showed the Florida product around during his visit two weekends ago. More importantly, Malik got a chance to sit down face to face with Marrone himself.

“That’s a cool dude, nice and laid back. The thing that got me, he said no matter where I go, he just wants me to be successful as a person. That made me feel even more comfortable that, he doesn’t just want me [as a player], he wants me to be successful as well. He’s not going to BS you either, he’s a really nice guy.”

This is why Marrone is such a solid recruiter. He has an uncanny ability to connect with recruits. Marrone wants only to see these young men better after college. He doesn’t care whether it’s in an Orange uniform or not. It’s his genuine nature.

Brown also had a chance to catch up with his good friend and former Dwyer teammate Julian Whigham during his visit. The two stayed close over the last year, and Malik said Whigham had been talking with him about the SU coaches throughout the fall.

The West Palm Beach native continues SU’s rich Florida pipeline. Right now there are a dozen Sunshine State natives on the roster. Brown joins fellow Florida product in this class, Nick Provo, who hails from Delray Beach (25-minute drive south down the Atlantic coast).

The closer during Brown’s recruitment was Dinosaur BBQ. He, too, couldn’t get enough of the famous spareribs and savory wings. Sooner or later, Syracuse may have to open up a Dino BBQ on Manley, thanks to how popular its been among recruits this winter. Brown may be using his speed and agility on a fast Carrier Dome turf to become one of the next standout pass rushers for the Orange.

Posted: Kevin Fitzgerald

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  1. Talk about a perfect OLB in the 3-4. We got a lot of BIG DT’s and some fast tall DE/OLB with the attack style defense we run it is right up our alley. I would love to see some more 3-4 the NFL teams are lovin it. Seems like it would be a good defense against the spread too, lot of speed in the box.

  2. Was hoping we would have this young man commit to SU.

    Seems like a great kid and had a ton of offers. Four or 5 from “BCS” conferences.

  3. It is amazing how all of the HCDM haters…..seem to have evaporated!!! It has taken some time, but Coach has stuck to his guns and done things his way……and it appears to be working. While we still don’t have the 4-5 star recruits, our recruiting is improving..if you can’t see that…then you are blind. The hole G Rob left us with was caverness ….But it looks like we are back! I like the mix of JUCO kids…..once we start to play the ACC schedule, our recruiting potential will increase in places like Florida and Georgia and ..yes…Texas and California. Go Cuse!!!!

  4. OrangeCrush27

    I just hope to see Laray commit sooner rather then later with these limited scholly’s left.

    I feel we will get another JUCO or 2..

    But on this topic, very pleased with Malik and his commitment to ‘Cuse. Look forward to watching him play.

  5. Yeah, this kid is going to see time at OLB for sure. Glad to see him on the Hill.

    If Laray committed, I think he could see time right away returning kicks/punts. He’s seriously fast and we’ve had trouble there. He’s the sort of guy that, if he gets to the edge, is going to get in the endzone.

  6. Not so long ago we had a discussion about Coach Marrone’s recruiting style. His approach,being laid back,honest and caring about the individual wasn’t working and was the main reason as to why we weren’t getting recruits committing to Syracuse. Well for all of those people complained.I join Dr. Bill in asking where are you now?

    The class of 2013 is shaping up for me to be one of the best,if not the best,in Syracuse’s history. We’ve surpassed the 13 scholarship limit everyone was talking about earlier in the year and it looks like Syracuse will end offering approximately 19-20,that’s 7 more than expected. That’s fantastic news. Lets hope that Laray Smith and EO see’s and recognizes what Coach Marrone is building here and they to decide to join the 2013 class. That to would be fantastic.

    We also have had a lot of talk about the JUCO players committing to Syracuse. I just looked at ESPN’s JUCO Top 100 players list and found out that(Syracuse is not the only school)just about every major program in the country uses JUCO players on their teams.

    The future is looking bright,can’t wait for Spring practice to begin.

  7. Cuse Don't Luse

    what ever happened to the running back charles davis? is myles hilliard still coming? lastest on laray smith? why did marquis spruill not get suspended? why does gus edwards still have a scholarship after bullying a girl into suicide? lots of questions to be asked another is do we have a chance on EO or is he another ishaq buisy recruit ing time but about malik brown very good pickup

  8. Cuse Don't Luse

    also ironic after what was it 7-3 spring game with a defensive touchdown that our offense is the best in school history

  9. If we can pull in Laray Smith and EO, this will be a really good looking class!! Laray Smith….SU makes the most sense for you…the door for playing time in a big time offense is right there…plus, you will be playing with your Boys!!!! And EO, same deal, you can be a first round pick and play for the Cuse…Ask Dwight Freeney and the kid who is playing great for the Patriots…..

  10. The 2013 commit list keeps getting better and ther is room for more. Maybe two or three more which will make this Doug’s best thus far.Must get more speed on both sides of the ball.

  11. Wow! That gus edward stuff is horrible. I recommend folks google Felicia Garcia suicide. Incredibly sad story. There appears to be a credible link to the suicide and the behavior of the football players.

  12. Rivals has SU on 69. EO is history. Hilliard is history too!! Brown is a good get. But to say HCDM/dougie is a “solid” recruiter is far fetched. So far his record is one game under .500 for his total career!! Talent and coaching get better talent into programs. SU raking recently in dougie’s years has not been great. His record shows that. I just hope he knows that the 2013 talent coming into SU will make future SU teams better than the last 4 years!!

  13. @CuseDontLuse AugustusEdwards did. NOT bully any one . I know a lot of the local papers ran with a headline implying such before the facts were out but I happen to know more about this situation than anyone else and the kids who bullied the girl weren’t football players and they were promptly expelled from school. I realize you are working with limited knowledge of the situation but please be careful hurling accusations like that about a quality young man. Thank you

  14. Doesn’t get much better than this. About 1/2 an hour after Terry says EO is history, EO changes his final two to Clemson and Syracuse.

    Go SU! …and go Zach Allen! He tweeted him last night and it looks like he got on the horn with him too.

  15. Kevin Fitzgerald

    You guys have been talking about Marrone’s style of going after JUCO’s, so get this:

    Although none of Syracuse’s 2013 JUCO commits made ESPN’s Top 100 JUCO list, There were 12 prospects that were from JUCO schools that SU has received commitments from.

    San Francisco City College (Markus Pierce Brewster–2012)
    ASA College, NY (Wayne Williams
    Butler Community College, KS (Josh Kirkland)
    Golden West CC, CA (Trevon Trejo)
    LA Harbor College (John Miller)
    Sierra CC, CA (Luke Arciniega)

    There were TEN more Arizona Western College–that’s where Jaylen Hunter plays. SU has a great shot at landing the OG (his top 3 is SU, Marshall and USF) and he’s visiting the hill January 18th.

    The point is Marrone is going after the right places for these recruits. In a few years, you would hope that some of Syracuse’s JUCO commits make that Top 100 list, but for now, his foot is in the door at those places–Butler and Arizona Western in particular (those two schools alone accounted for 15 players on that top 100 list.) Butler is national powerhouse every year.

    I also look at G-Rob’s classes from 06-08. Those 3 were strictly his classes. He brought in 4 JUCO’s. Just four.

    This path really validates HCDM’s efforts.

  16. OrangeCrush27

    I like this class so far….I thought last year’s class was good.

    I saw that on EO. If that’s true do you like ‘Cuses chances against Clemson opposed to Florida???

  17. EO choose the right orange, baby!!! Zack Attack is doing his best to sell him some Syracuse!!!

  18. @Kevin Fitzgerald;

    Great information Kevin, thank you.

    This class that Marrone is putting together is downright big and physical and just plain awesome.

  19. @Kevin Fitzgerald;

    With 2 of the 3 current JUCO players Siriki Diabate and Deon Goggins graduating I feel both have a shot at playing in the NFL. DE Markus Pierce Brewster will definitely go pro after his final season next year. All three of these players have helped Syracuse along the way and am sure that none of them have regrets coming here to play.
    The university has given these players(their dream)a shot of playing in the NFL,other JUCO Players(over time)will recognize the benefits and agree that top 100 recruits on ESPN’s list will soon follow the players that we are now recruiting.

  20. I think we have Clemson nervous in the race for EO. It says something to go back and look at his comments on Twitter after his visit, and the fact that Allen reached out on Twitter and the same day EO changed his final two.

    Keep in mind he still needs to have two to keep it exciting when he makes his commitment. Put on a bit of a show… ‘cuse has the momentum and his boys are already up here or on their way. I think if EO signs, Laray follows. Then the ‘cuse clique will be complete!

    Also, this class is serious about winning. I have to think that Zach Allen is talking about how these guys can join up and be part of making ‘cuse great. The kid is talking about winning the BCS title… when’s the last time we had a commit that even thought that was possible, let alone whole heartedly believed he would be the one to do it? …gotta love that kid. He’s not arrogant at all, he just has a firm belief of what he’s doing, where he’s headed, and the trajectory of this program.

    Go ‘Cuse! …and go EO! Dude can be a part of something great here!

  21. @Derek;

    Great post Derek; I’ve said last summer when I first read the information on EO that he would commit to Syracuse. He’s taken his time and sorted things out and came to the conclusion that Syracuse was the place for him to play.

    I’m going to say it again “WELCOME TO THE CUSE” Ebenezer Ogundeko,your going to enjoy your 4-5 years here.

  22. Kevin Fitzgerald

    Cuse Dont Luse:
    Wanted to address a few of your questions…Laray is in the thick of track season, having a lot of fun. He’s in no rush to make a decision yet, but it’s SU and Tennessee…Davis and Hilliard are not apart of the 2013 recruiting class…The suicide incident at Tottenville was months ago, and there is no reason to bring it back up. Gus was not involved and that’s a fact…If you looked at Marrone’s previous disciplinary past, we would’ve expected Spruill to be suspended. But why should we fault him for “changing ways”? Winning cures all.

    Going back to the Ebenezer stuff, he’s seems to be a very “impressionable” kid. May have ben timed perfectly…SU was his latest visit, now SU is in the final two. He decides at the UA All-America game in January.

    You’re right, the JUCOs get a chance to play D-1 ball, and SU benefits from experienced players. I have to disagree however, I do not think Sriki/Goggins will be drafted or even make teams next fall as undrafted FA’s. A few great years for both, but they just don’t have the size to compete at the next level.

  23. I’m telling you EO is history!!!

  24. Why would EO want to go to a school and set the bench for 2-3 years when he can come here and start immediately? Why would EO want to go to a school where he’s a stranger and has to fight for a starting spot and throw away the opportunity to play the game with the people he has called friends from his Pop Warner Days?

    When it comes down to Syracuse vs Clemson for his playing abilities,there’s no contest. If EO set’s and really thinks things out,Syracuse wins the contest walking away. Ebenezer Ogundeko will announce on Jan. 4th that he’s committing to Syracuse on national television.

    Terrie I really don’t know where your getting your information from but let’s get serious here ok. Try and be sensible why posting and making your arguments.

  25. Syracuse get’s another commitment from a 6’7″ 305 lb. OT Jonathan Burton out of Virginia today. He’s considered a very raw recruit(N/R and no *’s after his name) that has played football for only 2-3 years. Coach Marrone and Coach Greg Adkins described him as a “diamond in the rough”.

    Welcome Jonathan Burton to Syracuse University and good luck over the next 4 years.

  26. Jonathan Burton will report to school early in January 2013. Let’s keep an eye on how he progresses over the next 4 years and see if he becomes a starter for the team and then moves onto the NFL.

    If he reaches his potential as an OT, then the coaches here are as good as any in the land. Wouldn’t you agree Terrie?

  27. Russell MacEachern

    Ron,please tell me hes not a JUCO?PLEASE,im getting pretty depressed w/recruiting!!I love the Justin Brown commit.@CuseDontLuse,I have a lot of questions too!15 yrs old and a diehard whose reasonable and shrewdly asking good questions!Why dont most of our other educated friends want to question or open their eyes to anything?……..Sit Spruill if he was anywhere near the “incident”!!Be consistent or lose respect!!

  28. @Russell MacEachern;He’s not a JUCO player Russell,but if he were,it would still be a great catch.

    This is taken from the article.

    Burton, who played tackle in a Wing-T system at Courtland High School in Spotsylvania, excelled at run blocking – earning second-team, all-state honors in Virginia his senior season. He went to Fork Union last fall to further develop his blocking skills.

    He has 4 years to play college football.

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