Tip of Iceberg? Two JuCo Commitments Could Be Start of Big Month for SU

Arguably the biggest weekend in Doug Marrone’s recruiting history has already been highlighted by two commitments, including beating Michigan State to DE Trevon Trejo. Both Trejo and another JuCo player, offensive lineman John Miller, gave their verbals over the last 48 hours following visits to Syracuse last weekend.

Trejo’s commitment is huge considering the Spartans seemed to be in the lead for him as late as last week. While MSU was only 6-6 this year, the Spartans have gone to six straight bowl games in the B1G, and knocked off Georgia in last year’s Outback Bowl. Beating Michigan State to a player is definitely a strong move for SU.  Trejo plays for Golden West College in California, and stands 6’5″, 245 lbs. Adding him to a group of pass rushers looking to fill the void Chandler Jones left creates good depth for the Orange.

SU also adds more size with the 6’3″ 317-pound Miller along the trenches. He’s played mostly center in college, but says he’ll come to the Hill as a guard and could move over the ball. Interestingly, both players were being heavily recruited by New Mexico. Miller was also offered by TCU. Miller said the strong finish helped sway him to SU.

“I loved it. They’re an up-and-coming program. They just got a share of the Big East title. This feels like a new home for me.”

Now let’s see if the same effect happens for the athletes on campus this past weekend. The big fish was the Brooklyn Beast Ebenezer Ogundeko. The best prospect in New York tweeted things like “Cuse is cool” “Listening to coach Marrone #cuse” and “Last night was mad real.” Unfortunately, sounds like the good people at Hancock didn’t help matters.

“I freaking hate syracuse Airport. Thry made me miss my flight!! Im so tight right now.”

“I hate these freaking airport people right now..”

The decision Ebo has in front of him is a big one. He tweeted, ”I need to sit down and just think about things.” If Ogundeko does indeed choose Clemson or Florida, could Sunshine State DE Malik Brown be his replacement? He tweeted “Palm Beach needs a Dinosaur BBQ” (power move by SU bringing him there) and posted an Instagram “Chilling with Coach Marrone.” He has offers from Illinois, Purdue and Mississippi State. Reports are that he had a terrific weekend in Syracuse, and that he’s leaning Orange.

The other big name still out there for SU is speed demon Laray Smith. The Brooklyn running back has offers from Ole Miss, Illinois and Tennessee. But Smith was in the house at MetLife when the Orange battled with USC, and has a crew of his closest BKLN boys already on the Hill. Wayne Morgan, Gus Edwards and Alvin Cornelius are forming a tight bond with other Big Apple kids, and it’s drawing some of the city’s best talent north.

SU basketball did its part by dismantling Monmouth in a game the recruits attended. The football team is going through practices for the Pinstripe Bowl. Now let’s see if the Orange can continue to reap the rewards of two momentous weekends on the Hill.

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  1. Ron says:


    We already have 11 players committed to the class of 2013. With all of the recruits on campus this past weekend,should any of them commit to play,will we have enough scholarships to offer for all that do commit to Syracuse?

  2. Terry says:

    Rouse and Samuels too!!

  3. DA says:

    Good question Ron. My guess is they know that their numbers are a little tight – but that all the kids they have on campus are worthy of a scholarship. They know all won’t commit – and we can’t ever forget that these are not binding commitments. So theres a lot that can happen over the next two months. But nice class shaping up for Doug.

  4. Lou R says:

    Hey DA how about Arciniega the MLB JUCO who is 6’4″ and can step into the spot that Diabate occupied before graduation.

    Things are looking good and the DE from Fla. Malik Brown is a player and could come in and see some action as would EO if he makes the right decision and comes to SU.

    DA, Thanks for the update on the JUCO’s and keep up the good work.. GO SU!!!!

  5. DA says:

    I’ll check on Arciniega. I think Malik had a great time on campus and he would DEF. make a nice replacement option if Ebo chooses elswhere. It’s starting to get interesting.

  6. Russell MacEachern says:

    Ron,things are looking up already for the Cuse,that loser C-only or LoseOnly aint commented his trash here yet!Didnt we get rid of him a month or two ago?Im gonna go over our history of posts!

  7. Jesse H says:

    Decent little article and insight into Malik Brown and his stock. Article is from October so take it for what it is. If he signs it may take the edge off of losing out on EO. Perhaps look at it as a trade, Northerner for a Southerner. Also should be mentioned that a healthy Tyler Provo has been turning heads down in Florida as well. For you Marrone haters, Provo is widely considered as the top H-Back in the country. http://blogs.palmbeachpost.com/highschoolbuzz/2012/10/02/dwyer-de-malik-brown-big-riser-in-pbgametime-big-board-update/ .

  8. Russell MacEachern says:

    Looking forward to the young Provo coming to the hill and Justin Brown also looks like a bigtime winner!@Ron,keep a eye out for guys posting using ur handle, I found a couple in my history I didnt post!

  9. Terry says:

    How come Tyler Rouse the NYS Gator-Aid player of the year is not rated in Rival.com for Running Back???????

  10. Derek says:

    Malik Brown looks a bit light for a DE. I wonder if there’s a chance they put him at OLB.

  11. Ron says:

    Well Russell with all of the hype building for the Pinstripe Bowl against WVA,I had a chance to talk with three of the players that came in last evening. I was surprised when Sriki Diabate,Louis Alexander and Cameron Lynch came in. They asked if I was going down to the bowl game and I told them that I was. They were all smiling and seemed awful confident about the game. I don’t know if that is a good thing or not. My comment to all three was I hope you go down there and kick some a$$. Their smiles got bigger and all said that they were really looking forward to playing the game.

    Russell,I asked them if they had met the recruits or did any of three players have any interaction with them at all. They said yes that they had met the recruits,but didn’t say anything about hanging out with them.

    The game Russell should be good enough to become an instant classic. Syracuse comes away the winner. HOW SWEET IT IS.

    I think the game is going to be great.

  12. Ron says:

    They made a movie about a High School team in Alexandra,VA that went undefeated and became the 1971 VA State Champions. Syracuse University in 2012 has a chance to improve it’s record to 8-5 by winning a bowl game.

    For me, both schools have similar stories. Both had new coaches and both schools teams had to over came adversity. The 2 coaching staffs took their teams to boot camps. One went to a close by college in Pennsylvania to train while the other went to Fort Drum located in upstate NY for a week. Their goals was to build friendships and trust between the players hoping that it would be enough for the teams to start winning. Their experiment with the teams were successful. T.C. Williams HS became the 1971 VA State Champions and Syracuse University became the 2012 Pinstripe Bowl Champions improving their record to 8-5.

    Though they both have a similar story to tell,the members of the 2012 Syracuse University Football Team are our “TITANS”.

    This is what I see for the bowl game, Syracuse is down at half time by a score of 21-10. Start of the second half Coach Bill Yoast/Scott Shafer and Coach Herman Boone/Doug Marrone calls the team together.

    Coach Yoast/Shafer tells the team “I WANT WVA TO REMEMBER FOREVER THE NIGHT THEY PLAYED THE TITANS(SYRACUSE). Syracuse goes out from that point and shuts WVA completely down and wins the game 56-21.

    For me,the T.C. Williams HS and Syracuse University Football Teams will be forever joined in history,just because of the stories that they share.

    GO Titans;GO CUSE.

  13. Ron says:

    @Russell MacEachern;

    I’ve been watching ever since that imposter used my name oh so long ago.

    But thanks for the warning Russell.

  14. bigdip says:

    @Ron..cool way u put story together!
    @derek…I 2nd that, tho he probably has the frame & motor
    @terry… Rouse, like the kid acouple seasons ago, got overlooked…if he was at CBA, or Onondaga…he’d have gotten more attention!

    @russ…8-5 would be awesome! 7-5 is a successful season! Marrone getting national love has been cool too! McShay/espn rated the Pinstripe #20 bowl….but mcshy,and Sportsnation picked SU to lose….64% of votes said Geno wuld throw 5+ tds!!!!!!!!! Last night espn & espn2 9ish….watever? Go SU….

  15. CuseOnly says:

    @Russel MacDouchern – Me posting trash…lol, you must be mistaken.

    Just because you are a Cuse fan like the rest of us I think?, doesn’t mean your 427 posts per week aren’t garbage.

    Here’e a little bit of knowledge; More posts and incoherent ramblings do not make you a bigger fan or mean you are “more Right” than anyone else on here.

    Also, more posts don’t make you and Ron the Co-Mayors of this site, better than anyone else (even Terry)or give you more rights than any other poster. Seems that you can’t remember the posts you put up anyhow. Like I said before, Schizophrenic, senile or just dumb ??

    Don’t bring me into a war of words old man, you may get what you wish for. Or any other war for that matter.

  16. CuseOnly says:

    @BigDip – I don’t mind Geno throwing 5 TD’s as long as Nassib throws 6.

    Actually I mind a lot. I think our defense will pummel him like last year.

    Also WVU can’t run the ball at all, they had to rely on moving Tavon to the RB position for 15-20 plays a game along with trickeration to get rushing yards. SHamarko will take care of him.

    Being one dimensional against SU’s defense has proven to be fatal recently.

  17. Russell MacEachern says:

    @LoserOnly,btw who said anything about stars in the 60s?I only said Ive been a recruitnik since the late 60s nothing about the star system!U dont like Ron and my posts but u keep coming back for more?Why dont u put ur name down if you like throwing stones?As far as Im concerned u add nothing therefor ur posts mostly go unread by me!Schollies were usually called “grants-in-aid” in the late 60s!Listen more,talk less!!

  18. Russell MacEachern says:

    Dipper,dont worry neff ,well do alright in our bowl!!Thanks for all the statistical info kid!BTW Neff,Im not sure but isnt Tyler Rouse a HS Jr?

  19. Ron says:

    @CuseOnly;My,My getting a little personal aren’t we.

    Your Comment–Also, more posts don’t make you and Ron the Co-Mayors of this site,

    Response—Co-Mayors,where is that coming from? Russell and I have never said that we own or control this web site, NEVER.

    Your Comment– Like I said before, Schizophrenic, senile or just dumb ??

    Response–this is where I think you crossed the line and need to back off of Russell some. Like I’ve said in the past.I welcome all opinions and I might not agree with all of them. However I have asked everyone to be civil to one another and please keep it clean.

    Your Comment–@Russel MacDouchern – Me posting trash

    Response–I want to ask,so who’s the one posting trash? Step back and read your post again bud.

    Your comment–Don’t bring me into a war of words old man, you may get what you wish for. Or any other war for that matter.

    Response–Really,I MEAN REALLY!!!!!! This comment goes to show everyone just how ridiculous some people can be.

    Your estimate on Russell making 427 posts a week is a little low. It doesn’t matter to me how many he makes,he has some thoughts he wants to share with everyone and if people think there wrong should debate them with him. Over all(at the end of the day) it doesn’t make him a bad person,does it?

    So back off and give him some latitude.

  20. Russell MacEachern says:

    CuseOnly,Now your stooping to thinly veiled threats?Your not a fan!

  21. Russell MacEachern says:

    Ron,hes not a fan he just crossed into criminal territory!And without even using his name!I have an appointment Ron Ill post more tonight!Ron,since he called us old men hes a younger punk so he should be banned or worse,dont engage this fool hes probably in a institution!We’ve come across him before and he took our forgiveness for weakness!He even went so far as to count our posts…??Whats up with that?

  22. Ron says:

    @Russell MacEachern;

    All’s well that ends well. Enjoy your day,I have to go to work later and won’t be getting home much before midnight. Will talk again then.

    Have you bought your tickets yet?

  23. Aaron says:

    Hey guys… Chill on the hate posts. Let’s stick to ‘Cuse football. I personally would be disappointed if this site’s comment section morph into syracuse.com. -My 2 cents

  24. Russell MacEachern says:

    @Ron,to tell the truth his type dont bother me after Nam and the tough life I lived but for the average decent young kid or old man to see that trash is disheartening…I like to see guys come here for fun and respite from their everyday problems not be exposed to potential unstable minds or threatening types in general!I wonder how he treats his dad? or dog?

  25. Russell MacEachern says:

    Ron,my nephew in Jersey bought 4 tickets for the game and is taking me as a xmas gift to the game….we have to make arangements to hook up!Ill see ya tonight I have bussiness to tend too!

  26. Terry says:

    Aaron they won’t stop babbling!! Rouse is a Senior!! bigdip how can you over look a State Gator-Aid player of the year. But it looks like the nation and HCDM/dougie did!! No wonder he struggles!!

  27. Russell MacEachern says:

    Aaron,Im sorry u have to see that stuff son,I’ll try to not get dragged down guy!FWIW,I with u Aaron!You guys dont need it!

  28. CuseOnly says:

    @Ron – IT isn’t about what you say on this site that makes people infer that you are the Mayor, it’s your attitude towards others and judging what they say as good or bad on here.

    In all honesty I apologize for dragging you into this, but you do defend Russ an awful lot on here even when he is wrong. See above posts. “Didn’t we get rid of HIM a month ago” leads me to believe that he and you should be in charge of who posts and who doesn’t? Or who is allowed to?

    @Ron and Russ – Take a look back and really see how it degenerated into name calling above from Russell. Was it Me who started it.??..no. He called me out as LoseOnly and a punk above as well as he said I was posting trash. Which up to this point I have never done unless it was about Terry of course.

    Counting posts ?? Umm…No, just a jokey estimate. For you to actually think I counted posts tells me you are a narcissist to believe that someone would actually do that on your account.

    @Russ – You are not the only one that has had a tough life BTW. Crosed into criminal territory?? Really, what was the crime? Hurting your feelings and calling you out about posts is a crime?

    You can check every post on this site back for over a year and they have always been cordial (unless it is towards Terry) until Russ got his panties in a wad over nothing.

  29. CuseOnly says:

    I agree with Aaron that it should be kept to football and I will do so after this post.

    @Russ – Don’t apologize for me or on my behalf. You have no idea how old Aaron is or who he is or what type of life he leads – why would you think to call him son? Do you know that he is 12 and never watched an R rated movie before, btw most 5 year olds call people a douche BTW as it is OK to even say on the radio.

  30. Ron says:

    @Jesse H;

    using the link that you posted,read a lot about Malik Brown,looks real promising.

    The real thing that I noticed was in the last paragraph. It reads as follows;

    Below, you’ll see the new list. If you have a comment or disagreement, leave a note, but remember, these are high school kids and this is a public forum. Comment responsibly.

    CuseOnly,Terrie and others. I guess Russell and I aren’t the only ones asking for civility while posting our comments.

    Thanks again goes to Jesse H for giving us some real insight into some of the countries best high school athletes.

  31. Russell MacEachern says:

    CuseOnly,lets just drop it here I no Im no saint in this so for all our sakes and pleasure if we disagree with each other lets just keep it to ourselves!Believe me Im sure well enjoy the site if we behave more civilly to one another!

  32. Russell MacEachern says:

    Ron,agreed on civility for all the fizzers pleasure!Truce on this childishness!

  33. CuseOnly says:

    @Ron – again, my apologies to you for getting out of control.

    @Russel – The reason why I asked you how many stars there were in the 60′s was that there weren’t any. My point being that the only way we knew that far back was that the coaches told us the kid could play.

    Nothing more, nothing less. I put much more weight on Marrone’s opinion about a player’s ability than a paysite and a bunch of non-coaches judging talent from YouTube clips. It seems that is what gets people up in arms about his recruiting ability.

  34. CuseOnly says:

    @Russ – Consider it dropped. But I do agree to Disagree on things with you and anyone else. It is after all what makes us each individuals.

    Yes, even you Terry.

  35. Ron says:


    Your right on a couple of points that you’ve made. I get sick and tired of reading post from people like Terry who has nothing good to say about the Syracuse coaches or the football team. I will respond to all of the negativity.

    The second point you made was about Russell and your right again. I do and will defend him to the best of my ability. For all of what he’s gone through in his life(personal tragedy)he’s earned and deserves respect from people like you and me. I want you to know that I’ve never laid eyes on him or ever met him. You have to remember Russell has fought in one of the bloodiest wars ever fought by the USA for your rights to free speech was protected.

    One other point you made,in my world,I really don’t know of any families that let their 5 year old son or daughter call senior citizens douche bags in person or on the radio.

    In the end you see that dialog/debate isn’t always a bad thing. I read it and didn’t agree with your response to Russell, I haven’t called you any kind of names in my response,I will always respond to people who voice negativity towards Syracuse University,ALWAYS.

    Step back and take a look at what we’re doing,we’re babbling while debating our different points on an original post that happened within the last 24-48 hours.

    What say you Terrie,has to get you upset.

    Thanks again CuseOnly for the dialog,you’ve made my day knowing that I’ve upset people like the Terrie’s who read this web site.

  36. Russell MacEachern says:

    Thank god,…case closed!Sometimes sports guys get carried away with our own opinions…yes me too lol!!We all come here to relax…lets relax!

  37. Ron says:

    @Russell MacEachern & CuseOnly;

    Thanks guys for calling a truce and bringing your differences to resolution. Everyone that uses this web site will benefit. Again thanks.

    @CuseOnly—I’ve always told all of you that if someone comes onto this website and starts calling it’s members names that I will answer them appropriately. I want those people to address their anger and stupidity to me. I can be just as nasty as the next person,if that’s how they what to be. I get real sick&tired of the people putting our football team and coaches down. CuseOnly,I’m telling you this so that you understand just how I can be and don’t get surprised when and if I fly off the handle.

    @Russell MacEachern—over the next few days we’ll talk about meeting somewhere in the Bronx to where we can set and talk about the good old days(farming),some football and just have a grand old time. I think that we ought to throw in a sandwhich too and maybe a drink(soda or a glass of milk.) What say you bud? I think Terrie would like us to do that.

    Go back to Jesse H’s post and click on the link that he’s provided us. It’s what the local sports writers are saying about Malik Brown. Fantastic reading,let’s all hope that he commits to Syracuse. I believe the next couple of weeks is going to make an awful lot of fans real happy with the players that will commit.

    To the both of you,thanks again for bringing your differences to a conclusion.

    It’s now full steam ahead, onto dawn of Christmas Morning and onto the Pinstripe Bowl. Let’s go!!!

  38. Ron says:

    @Terry; this is long,but I tried to answer your question concerning Tyler Rouse

    You asked the question as to why Tyler Rouse wasn’t ranked as a running back in some sports magazine. Let me try and explain why;

    Have you ever traveled out of state to any state that considers football a religion? I have and this is what I see in the papers every time I go to Michigan. The Detroit Press prints every week approximately 6-10 pages of high school football,EVERY WEEK. That isn’t just for the local teams either,that’s for the whole damn state. What we get from the Post Standard is a paragraph telling us what teams played and the scores of the games.

    I went to the SEC. III playoffs at the Dome because they put in the paper it was “the year of the running backs” and his name was mentioned in an article. You also mentioned your concerns about Coach Marrone and staff over looking the NY Player of the Year and wondered why. Well it appears their not the only ones. How many Div. I schools have offered a scholarship to him? I’m guessing none. At best he’s a Div.II player. NYS is not a hotbed for football,never has been and probably will never be one. I will agree that there are a few who make it big time,the Dorsey Levens,Chris Gedney’s and the Tim Greens. They didn’t get much press either. Until the PS and other publications starts writing about schools across the state and increase the size of the sports section in their papers.,no one will ever get to know about kids like Tyler Rouse until it’s to late.

    I hope this helps a little.

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