Sinking in the Sweet 16: Boeheim Has Trouble Here, This is How To Beat Indiana

Boeheim is just 5-12 in the Sweet 16, but here’s the ways to beat the Hoosiers.

Another Sweet 16 appearance for Jim Boeheim, who has made a career out of getting to the second weekend of the NCAA tourney. Unfortunately, in 17 games in the Sweet 16, Boeheim is just 5-12. But one of those wins came last year. Here’s how Syracuse can beat the Hoosiers and climb within one step of the Final Four.

Limit turnovers

Turnovers and lost possessions have been a big reason for many of SU’s losses this year. Michael Carter-Williams and Brandon Triche must be efficient tonight. MCW and Triche need to break a tough in your face defense of Victor Oladipo and other Hoosiers. IU is fast and can score in transition. The Hoosiers also have Cody Zeller down low to finish. Syracuse turnovers will result in easy points for Indiana.

Make Indiana force it inside

Indiana is the third best shooting team in the country and shoots 40 percent from three. The Hoosiers have three options for long-range shooting in Oladipo, Christian Watford and Jordan Hulls. These guys know how to shoot over a zone and how to win games by way of the three. Zeller can be taken out of games. If Baye Keita and Rakeem Christmas can be aggressive, they can overpower Zeller. The Orange need to force the guards to test passing inside the zone and simply prevent shooting from the guards. The Indiana defense allowed Khalif Wyatt to break out on offense and drive to the basket for points in the scare against Temple. C.J. Fair will be very important.

Frustrate the Hoosiers

Temple almost upset Indiana by playing a terrific first half and leading by three. The best way to frustrate the Hoosiers is for Syracuse to play well early and get a lead. This starts with Fair. He can be explosive in the first half. He drives to the basket, takes his smooth customary 15-foot jump shot, or even drains a three from the corner. This also includes James Southerland. He has been great since the Big East tournament began and hasn’t shown signs of slowing down. Syracuse needs to create open looks from three for Southerland if it wants him to be a big factor – and he can. This isn’t only on offense.

The Orange need to also make sure the zone works against the Indiana offense. No open looks for Oladipo. Force turnovers and early foul trouble for Zelle. Try to make Indiana frustrated and angry. Syracuse will also need to limit the fouls. Southerland has been in foul trouble early in the tournament and Indiana was 16-20 from the charity stripe against Temple.

Indiana has also lost twice this season to a very physical Wisconsin team. Being physical is a key to frustrating the Hoosiers because they don’t play well against tougher teams. The Orange has beaten physical teams like Pittsburgh, Louisville and Georgetown. Maybe Syracuse learned a thing or two about how to be physical and can apply it tonight.

Posted: Austin Pollack

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  1. JUST WIN! I don’t care how A buzzer beater for the Orangemen would be more than poetic revenge.A rapture would be more descriptive.A FF game would almost be anticlimactic after this if a win were to be gained tonight.

  2. Carlton

    Rebound and guard the 3 point line like ur hair is on fire. Only way SU can win. This is not a great match up for SU. Outside of Louisville SU couldnt have gotten a harder draw. The only good thing is IU does not have a bunch of bigs like Louisville. I don’t know y the fizz didn’t mention it but getting Zeller in foul trouble would be huge.

  3. What’s the spread? Syracuse is going to win tonight’s game by 3-5 points and. I also think that both #1 seeds Indiana and Kansas will fall this weekend.

    While we’re at it,we might as well say good by to Ohio State and Duke.

    I’m hoping it’s gonna be a great day for Syracuse University.

  4. Getting Zeller in foul trouble would be great for the Orange. The way he could operate out of the high post could kill us. Go right at him!

  5. Syracuse played great defense tonight. Our BIGS(hugh factor)had a tremendous night and held Cody Zeller to under 10 points. Our guards played the perimeter and shut down their 3 point shooters.

    Syracuse moves onto the “Elite 8” where they meet Marquette on Saturday.

    FINAL FOUR here we come.

  6. 6’6″ 240 lb DE Tyrone Wheatly Jr. will be attending school in Buffalo in the fall as a junior.

    He has narrowed his choice of schools to North Carolina,Syracuse,Michigan,Penn State and Alabama and remember he’s going to be a junior this fall.

    Syracuse was the first to offer a scholarship to him as a sophomore,but I think now that his father has joined the Buffalo staff he will commit to Michigan in his senior year.

    I understand now as to why we haven’t heard a thing on this kid,only a sophomore,that’s impressive. No matter where he chooses,I would like to wish him the very best. Good luck.

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