This Hoops Season Will Be Amazing Simply For Boeheim Ripping ACC Dining

It’s only June and already Boeheim is taking shots at the culinary options in Dookie-ville.

This season is going to be fun in the ACC. Syracuse hoops will play Final Four contender once again with a whole new set of big dogs trying to chase it down. The Orange will have a young team, infused with plenty of incoming talent. And Jim Boeheim will be ragging on the southern dining options at every turn.

In a sit down interview alongside Coach K for ACC Digital, Boeheim got some digs in on the ACC restaurant scene. When K attempts to defend the culinary choices in his conference, Boeheim jumps in and says they surprisingly found a decent meal around Duke.

JB: “We even found one in Durham.” 

K: “Actually we have a lot of them in Durham.” 

JB: “Well, I wouldn’t say a lot.”

While Orange Nation is frothing at the mouth to get after the Dookies during the season, it’s obvious Boeheim and Coach K have a very close bond. Both are lifers at their respective schools. Both are Hall of Famers. They’ve truly grown close with their tours of duty with Team USA.

While SU/Duke on the court will be amazing, Boeheim off the floor… just about every road trip this season, might just be even better.

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  1. Russell MacEachern

    Duke suits shashefski’s snobby superior little lord fauntleroi personality!!And JB, as mom says NO TALKING while you eat!!Ha ha.

  2. Russ so JB isn’t snobby!! You got to be kidding me!! One of the most arrogant coaches/guys around. But also a great coach and it motivates his players. But I do love his pressers, but he knows that to and he plays it up to!! JB will find out the ACC is going to be a hornets nest when they show up down south. A totally different kind of BB than the Big Least!! After all ACC is more than just BB like the Big Least!! FB is a major factor too!!! Yawning article, but hey you got to get BB in there some how during SU’s FB season!!

  3. @Russell MacEachern;

    I hope Coach Boeheim doesn’t reference “Deep Fried Chicken” or “Fried Chicken” during one of his pressers. I wouldn’t want him upsetting the people at ESPN or others who run a website to get mad,and demand he get fired.

    I especially wouldn’t want Tiger Woods calling Beoheim and telling him that he wouldn’t play golf with him because of it.

  4. Souther cuisine is loaded with saturated fried fat. Eat enough and Mike becomes the head coach as a result of the wrong reason.Jimmy retiring beats Jim kealing over as a result of a massive heart attack.Inall fairness to souther cooking the worse I saw came out of New Orleans.Also to be fair ,it was delicious. I loved it

  5. New Orleans food some of the best ever. But not ACC country!!

  6. There is a nice BBQ place by NC State’s campus across from the train station and there are plenty of good restaurants in the Durham, NC area.

  7. Can’t beat great BBQ!! Well maybe only at Rutgirls!!

  8. I’m not quite sure why ACC fans bad mouth BE teams but they do, even when ACC teams do poorly. Most ACC teams crashed in the early 2013 NCAA tourney rounds while Duke crashed in the Elite 8. On the other hand, both Louisville and Syracuse were in the Final 4, with Louisville winning the Championship. Never fear: Syracuse, Pitt, Notre Dame and Louisville will transform the ACC over the next 2 years.

  9. Russell MacEachern

    I’m not one of them Johnny H,I don’t think their will ever be a better BB conference again than the Beast!!!Any everyone if their honest knows it!!Last year of the BE how many of the final 4 slots in MBB AND WBB were filled by the BE?We were the SEC of hoop’s!For some reason NYers and NJ’s seem like a self loathing group of “except for NYC”(strange huh?) people but as for the reason’s someone ought to write a book!!(a Psychologist)lol..

  10. Cuse17

    Russell…. The Big East before expansion was heaven! The rivalries were great…home and aways with everyone.. I never missed a Big East Championship. I was living in Ct and a gang of us would head down to the City for the entire tournament .
    Expansion…good teams and schools but couldn’t get into DePaul and the like. Missed the home and aways with the expanded schedule.
    It was time to go…..The ACC was arguably the second best conference… Big Ten is bullshit. The ACC will no longer be arguably…it will be where college basketball is played. It will mean even better recruiting and quality rivalries and basketball. Sorry we’re loosing Maryland and wish there was room for Ct. I’m praying for a NYC tournament!!!
    The ACC will remember when Cuse showed up!

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