Green Light! Wayne Williams Officially Ready to Dominate Syracuse Football

Wayne Williams prepares to finally hit the turf in the Carrier Dome for 2014.

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After months of waiting and anticipation, Wayne Williams will officially become a member of the Syracuse football roster this January. The former 3-star DT out of ASA College graduated from JUCO in September, and will be making his way up to the Salt City in less than two months.

Orange Nation, you’re probably thinking, “We’ve heard that one before.”

Williams originally commit to SU all the way back in May 2012. The Brooklyn native was supposed to be featured on the football field this fall for the Orange. But academic requirements kept him at ASA longer than expected. What’s different now is that Williams has his degree from ASA. His official transcripts and forms have been sent to SU. But more importantly, Williams has squared his return with Syracuse defensive line coach Tim Daoust. He was ecstatic to hear that Williams was finally ready to move on from junior college.

“He was just happy. During that time he was losing a lot of defensive tackles and everything wasn’t going as planned. We were having a rough ride in the ACC in the beginning, and so he was just happy, letting me know that I got to get up here ASAP, that he needs some help.”

Wayne Williams will be a year tardy, but better late than never. Syracuse could certainly use his help with the expected loss of senior Jay Bromley. Williams played in four games with ASA, he said, and has continued to train at his old Lincoln HS facilities in Brooklyn since his graduation. Over the last year, Syracuse fans have watched the Wayne Williams saga develop, as he nearly turned from mean pass-rusher to myth. Orange Nation questioned whether he’d ever wear the Orange and Blue. The talk just fueled Williams to push harder with his studies and schoolwork.

“I use it as motivation. Everything is not what it seems, because I’m out here busting my butt and I try to show that on the field and off the field. I went from a 1.6 GPA [in high school] to a 3.2. That’s not somebody who’s taking school lightly, so I just try to prove people wrong all the time, and that’s what I’ve been doing all my life.”

He told the Fizz he’s ready to finally leave Brooklyn. It’ll be the first time in his life that he’s truly left his beloved hometown. Throughout the process of getting back his eligibility, Wayne had one guiding force steering him in the right direction. It was good friend and an almost Syracuse commit, class of 2011 star Ishaq Williams.

“He said it’s time to grow up. At Lincoln it’s a big show, it can’t be about me, me, me! It’s about being a team player, you can’t all about the attention. He tells me it’s not the Wayne show anymore, it’s all about the brand you represent. I have a prestigious brand with Syracuse. I’m going to uphold the honor.”

Williams will still have to wait for the 2014 season to finally hit the Carrier Dome turf, but he’ll still have two years of eligibility remaining when he gets to campus in January. He’s been watching and studying every football game this year. He was ecstatic after SU’s 20-3 victory over Maryland this past Saturday. Coach Williams still saw room for improvement from the defense: “We have to attack the ball more! Let’s live in that backfield.”

Regardless, Syracuse has another weapon on defense next year to go along with six other defensive commits in the class of 2014. And he thinks he can make the journey up to the Salt City with a few extra friends.

“Operation: Pack the Dome,” Williams proclaimed to the Fizz.

It’s the code word for his own recruitment of current 5-star Lincoln HS DT Thomas Holley, who’s visited the Syracuse campus several times. He wants the Loudhouse to be rocking when he and his buddy, who is set to graduate from Lincoln this spring, come up to SU for a visit in December. Although the 6’5″, 300-lb mammoth DT is being pursued by big schools like Notre Dame, Florida and Penn State, with waning interest in SU, Williams sill thinks the Orange has a shot at NYC’s next big recruit.

In the meantime, he’s been trying to sell Daoust and the coaching staff on 6’6”, 325-lb OL Rotchill Medor, who continues to impress at ASA College.

“That boy comes off that football, and he drives you. Coach Daoust said he watched film on him, he likes the kid, and he said he passed his film on to other coaches. Rotchill Medor is the impact player on that [ASA College] offensive line.”

Regardless of who he comes with, the better news is he’ll actually be on his way. It took longer than expected, but the Wayne Williams show is coming to Syracuse.

Posted by: Kevin Fitzgerald

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  1. Big Wayne wil put more pound in The Cuses’ Ground and Pound style.

  2. @Kevin Fitzgerald;

    It’s finally going to happen,williams bringing that NYC swagger to Syracuse along with a couple of friends(6’6”, 325-lb OL Rotchill Medor and 5-star Lincoln HS DT Thomas Holley)with him.

    Wouldn’t that be great if both Rotchill and Holley were to join Williams at Syracuse. Man you talk about excitement,WOW!!!!!!

  3. God Shamgod

    Ron, Holley has already ruled SU out. Medor is an interesting prospect, but I think he’s far from qualifying at this point.

  4. Shamgod Wells (refused to call him that then, refuse to call you that now) – Where have yuo heard that Holley has ruled out SU? I don’t disagree that its a long shot, but I have not heard that it was dead. I have seen the tweets from Mavety that SU just wasn’t the right fit for him, but not Holley.

  5. Glad to hear that Williams is finally coming. Also nice that he took care of his schooling and made it better. I would love it if he would be able to bring that big OL with him and persuade him to come up here. I’m with malone on holley though. I think that it’s a long shot for holley to come here. I would hope that the way the defense has been playing that he would have a change of mind. Either way glad for Williams. I feel Williams will play immediately with the fact that we lost John Raymon and Bromley will graduate.

  6. I mention John Raymon because nobody knows how long it will take for him to come back from his injury.

  7. Welcome Wayne Williams. I think at this time he will be a solo act. His friends have designs on larger more successful programs. We remain fixed on Holley because of his presumed friendship with Terrel Hunt and Williams but we are in need of a reality check with these kind of players. They RARELY choose Syracuse,if ever.

  8. I heard that Holley was leaning towards PSU. We will see at signing time. Can’t wait to see Big W play!

  9. Game Outcomes:

    1. Syracuse will rush for 320 yards on Saturday. Jerome Smith 80, PTGully 80, QB 80, George Morris III 80
    2. Syracuse will score the first 3 times it has the ball, setting the right tone for the rest of the game and giving us confidence we need for the fight.
    3. Syracuse will be smart with kickoff returns, taking opportunities when they appear and giving the offense the ball at the 20 or with a fair catch when it is prudent to do so. Syracuse will have 2 long runs that give the ball to the offense near or just over midfield, giving the offense a short field.
    4. Syracuse will have have an edge in the turnover battle by 2. There will be a fumble on a sack of their QB that is scooped up for an SU TD and Syracuse will get one pick 6.
    5. Syracuse will not allow FSU more than 24 points. Syracuse will win the “time of possession battle” with its strong running game.
    6. SU is historically an excellent field goal kicking team. Norton is back and focused and he will come through with 3 field goals against FSU.
    7. Syracuse will be outmanned at some positions, so we will make up for this by great defense and offensive play calling. This is where the coaches will make the difference. They have been far from perfect but will have their best game of the year in this phase.
    8. Syracuse averages 41 yards per punt, FSU 39. Syracuse will protect the punter and the punter will outpunt FSU punter by 5 yards per punt. This will help SU maintain good field position.
    9. FSU’s Red Zone conversion is 98%, SU’s is 82%. SU will reverse these numbers on Saturday when they meet FSU.
    10. Syracuse has allowed only 11 sacks this year (1.22/game), mostly because of our mobile QB. FSU has given up 20 sacks (2.22/game). Syracuse will get 5 sacks on Saturday and the freshman Heisman candidate will be rattled for the first time resulting in fumbles and picks.
    11. Syracuse is LAST in the ACC in penalty yards at 68 yards per game. On Saturday SU will eliminate all mental errors by keeping focused and centered. FSU is at 48 penalty yards per game. Syracuse will win the penalty battle by 40 yards.
    12. Syracuse will play well in all phases of the game. Syracuse will convert all extra points, get off all punts and hit all field goals.
    13. FSU averages 2 interceptions a game, SU 1.33. Syracuse will win the interception battle by 2.
    14. FSU has a 3rd down conversion rate of 52%, Syracuse is at 35%. Syracuse will equal FSU’s conversion rate on Saturday.
    15. Everyone has been talking about Ashton Broyld. FSU will be his breakout game and he will score twice.
    16. Keeping in the theme of David & Goliath, Brisley Estime is the consummate “David” and he will score the final points that slay FSU!

    Now if you are feeling good about Saturday, at least in your imagination, that’s were it all starts, in the head.

    Good luck guys. If you don’t believe, it’ll never happen.

  10. @Malone,I’ve heard from a friend with decent connects Mavety will have issues with admissions in any college that plays by the rules or values the student in SA!?!I tend to believe him.I’m hoping WW’s really makes the field as he seems dedicated/committed(finally)to have an immediate impact(hopefully)!!

  11. “David”, I’m drinkin the coolaid,And man it is beautyfull.

  12. Cannot wait for Wayne to arrive. I can see the middle of the SU defense being “WAYNE’S WORLD”. Welcome Wayne and bring your swag with you!

  13. hurry up and get here.

  14. Wayne might still get in the startiing lineup before Ishaq. Ishaq should have gone Orange.

  15. Ishaq Williams, can’t miss 5 star primadona.

  16. David put the coffee or whatever you drink down!!

    Mavety is history-RON!!

    I read an article that projects SU in a bowl= Advocurc V100 Bowl against Louisiana-Monroe!!!! WTF!!! AT Shreveport Louisiana WTF!! On 12/31/13!! This bowl is for ACC 7th against the SEC 10th(unless SEC can’t qualify). Thats why Louisiana-Monroe is there. BC/Rice at the Beef O Brady Bowl. Pitt if qualifies goes to Little Ceasars against North Ill. WOW and I thought the Snow Bowl(Rutgirls/WV) was bad enough. I don’t know now??????? Is this a bowl game or just a bowl game. Other than more practice I really see little advantage for SU here. In Louisiana. too boot!! Oh well its a goal achieved I guess!!

    Go Elmira Express beat the recruiters!!

    Do Not Forget The Kids Of PSABUSERSU!! The NCAA did!!

  17. longtimecusefan

    Terry are you never happy? My god at the beginning of the season I think it’s safe to say we were all agreed that this team needed a bowl game to keep the momentum going. Now we are on the brink of attaining that goal and you’re complaining that it isn’t good enough??? You are incredible. Last two games you were convinced we were going to get beat but instead we dominated two ACC foes and got a W. That isn’t good enough for you either because our offense struggles at times. Please do yourself a favor and start following Alabama as they are probably the only program that could possible make you happy. Until they lose a game anyway………..

  18. Longtimecusefan, Terry isn’t really a Syracuse fan. He doesn’t feel it in his heart like you and I and true fans. The way him and Ron talk about New Jersey football, I would say they really like Rutgers.

  19. orangeinva

    Wayne…I’m happy you’re getting a chance to play Dtackle at SU.

    But right now, you’re all hat and no cattle.
    I HEAR the sizzle, but I can’t see nor taste the steak. When it’s 4th and goal at the 1, heart, soul, prep and practice makes the stop-NOT SWAG.

    Work your tail off..what I want to HEAR in April is the coaches raving.

  20. @Terry;

    I guess from what everyone is saying Terry,Mavety has academic issues that needs to be resolved. I guess I’m going to accept the fact that he’s not coming to Syracuse. I didn’t realize that you and I ever talked NJ Football. You didn’t tell me that the Elmira Express was from NJ playing for NY State’s Class AA Championship. Please explain to me and others how that got by us.


    If you’re the dedicated fan that you say you are you would remember where the players were from when Syracuse was posting 9-2,8-3,10-1,11-0-1 records during the 1980’s and into the 90’s under MacPhearson and Pasqualoni. Those two coaches heavily recruited the NYC/LI/NJ/PA areas that brought some of the best to Syracuse. So please do me a favor,when you talk to someone else about Terry’s and my loyalties please shut your damn mouth,because as far as I’m concerned you really don’t know what your talking about.


    First time that I’ve seen your name here making comments,if your here to stay then I want to welcome you aboard. Don’t misunderstand and jump to conclusions about Terry. He wants Syracuse Football(just as we all do) to be the best that they can be and feels at this moment in time that they need a lot of improvement in order to return to a BCS Bowl(ROSE,Sugar,Orange,Cotton)Game or now getting to a playoff game. Terry and I have bickered/debated on a few subjects here and in the end I consider him a friend and have come to enjoy our debates. Once Syracuse returns to national prominence Terry’s rhetoric/sarcasm will mellow. Neither Terry or I need someone else describe to others “how much of a Syracuse Football fan we are”. We’ll do our own talking,got that JB?

  21. God Shamgod

    Holley came out with his final list weeks ago and we weren’t on it. Pretty old news…

  22. Wait, so Holley is visiting next month?

  23. Ron,It looks like we should have gone with our 1st instinct…..JB is talking s**t here and just arrived?Make your bones before you talk about 50 year Cuse fans jb!Most of us have been loyal fizzfam guys for years…all YEAR!Not just after a decent win,where were you all the time we were losing?Win or lose Ron and Terry show up but do you?Most of us disagree on one point or another but we all love Cuse…and were respectful to other fans!You must be under 23 or so by your impulsive posts.Listen to others(Ron,Terry,Malone,Carlton,Smitty Sec,bgogo,CDL”and hes only 17″ and other old time Fizzguys!I can’t forget bigDipper now can I?Ha Ha…

  24. God Ron you made me tear up. But you hit it right on the head there and thank you. All memories are not always the best for one. The pre-mentioned years you mentioned of success are far gone, but us “SINCERE” fans/homers just can’t get that out of our minds!! The newbie’s (longtimecusefan or whoever he/she is) just forget what SU was at one time. We know that but the newbie’s just want that MCD’s quick fix. It won’t happen and not mentioning the programs faults will not help the program faults to be fix rationally. I have been at times quite pissed at the current program and also the programs 10/12 yrs ago as well. SU record is below .500 during that time of current to 10/12 yrs ago. longtimecusefan or whom ever he/she is happy with losing!! Well most sincere fans/homers(lol) are not happy or should be happy about failure!! Look most of the time they are arm chair fans when it comes to SU. Hell he/she would not be on this site if SU wasn’t above .500 now!! So I take it with a grain of salt. Yes I have been wrong and have admitted my mistakes. But for the 100th time for him or her “I don’t mind being wrong, but I hate it when I’m right!

    PS add JB to that newbie list to thank you!!

  25. @Terry;

    I don’t want to make you think that I was speaking for you while making my views known to JB. I know that your man enough to give and are man enough to backup what you say here. But damn Terry when you and I discuss any given subject that between you and me. I don’t need anyone telling me what I am or talking for me about anything. I’m sure you feel the same way.

    My son is coming home from Michigan for Thankgiving,had to go to the dome today to pick up another 6 tickets for the BC Game on the 30th. Will have all of my grandchildren there along with my three sons. Should be a hell of a day and for tailgating I guess we’re going to have a pot of warm chili before the game. Hope you enjoy the day with your family when that team from Jersey,the Elmira Express comes in and playes CBA for NYS Class AA Championship on Saturday.

  26. Calm down Ronnie your letting them get to ya!!

    Ya beat those CBA recruiters!!

  27. longtimecusefan

    Terry, I am not a newbie to SU football. I attended games with my dad at Archibold Stadium. I was a season ticket holder from 1984 until 2007 when my job made it difficult to attend games. I have seen Syracuse play in every Big East (former) stadium as well as many other road games. When they lose it really ruins my weekend. My point is this program fell very far from the end of Coach P’s reign and then GROB’s. We are finally starting to gain some traction and aren’t everyones homecoming game anymore. To belittle the success the team is having is amazing to me. Have to take little steps. Do you remember when UCLA, Nebraska, Miami, Michigan dominated college football? Where are they now? Average teams with 3 or 4 loses every year. It will take a while for us to get back to where we were in the 90’s. Let’s applaud what this team is accompishing after losing an entire coaching staff as well as a lot of production on offense. 7-5 (could easily be 8-4) and win a bowl game would be a very good season, one none of the so called “experts” predicted.

  28. @longtimecusefan;

    Enter Nancy Cantor+Dr.Gross===losing Coach Pasqualoni,hiring Greg Robinson==bringing hard times to Syracuse Football.

    When the local “rag” of a news paper the post standard writes a column telling us the fans that started with Coach Maloney and continued under MacPhearson,Pasqualoni,Robinson and Marrones era of coaching the orange that they shut down parts of NYS when recruiting talent,only leaves one to ask why and wonder’s about the talent that we’ve missed and helps us to understand the current state of the football program. Let’s face it GROB’S tenure as head coach,dropping/destroying it’s connections to the northern high school coaches threw the program back into the ice age.

    Coach Shafer’s recruiting efforts is slowly helping Syracuse turn the corner and is going to take some time before Syracuse becomes a player on the national sceen and helping the program return to national prominence once again.

    Over the last 10-16 years fans have become frustrated and some of us voice our concerns in a manner that most don’t like and don’t understand. Until Syracuse returns to those days when we win 8 to 11 games a year on a regular basis,things aren’t going to change. We all need to be patient until that time comes.

  29. Newbie as to this site Mr ltcf or whom ever you are???

    No word on new facilities whats new??

    The four teams you mentioned are dominating SU now!! Lets see what bowls they go to compared to SU’s placement-if any!!

    Gain traction??? Losing record for 10/12 years!! The SU brand is non existent nation wide. One never hears about SU in national media. That’s not progress that’s hidden for some reason=not winning!! You can hardly find(except this Saturday) SU on tv for games(espn3-wow)!! Even the administration is of no help(lack of info on why no facilities yet)!! SU has a joyous HC in HCSS!!! Yet no PR about him. WHY??? Because the SU brand is nonexistant!! This year team really is only a couple of wins away from getting that brand back. But also 3 loses away from not being much better than the GROB years!!! So be realistic here. Us serious CUSE fans are just plain tired of the excuses others give us. Its time for this program to MAN UP!!

    Losing Brisley just made Saturdays game even more of a nightmare!!

  30. Terry/Diggin the bone/ Forida Steve or whoever you are. You are the worst hypocrite i have ever encountered. Saying how you were so concerned with the Penn State victims of RAPE. And now you want to aide the Tallahassee PD and FSU controlled media down there to cover up this Rape. Of course the hieght is wrong, that’s the first clue that the police misled the victim at the start of the coverup.

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