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Facebook, Will Barton and Hockey

There is a pinch of “been there” with Quinn Ojinnaka’s situation. Facebook and a pen?

The week that was, began for Syracuse fans with a rather head-shaking moment.

Former Orange offensive lineman Quinn Ojinnaka arrested over the weekend for domestic violence.

In no way could¬†The Fizz condone any type of violence against women (they’re hot and smell really good).

However, was there a pinch of “been there” with Ojinnaka’s situation.

Apparently, his wife nailed him on some Facebook flirting (or maybe cheating. We’re really splitting hairs, no?), the two argued,¬†she tried to stab him with a pen, he threw her¬†into some stairs (for the record,¬†down stairs would have been much more intolerable).

Now, outside of the Bic-stabbing, this could (does?) happen to all of us.

Facebook is a double-edged sword (or pen). Facilitates hitting on chicks much easier than old-school calling up her parents’ land line. But every poke, wall post and tagged pic can now be tracked.

Quinn, you gotta be smarter than that. For crying out loud, she wields a pretty mean pen.

Then Will Barton walked into our lives, a dynamo slashing scorer from the Baltimore-area who’s got the SU coaching staff salivating.

Most of the Big East is in on Will (picture above-left), although boy do we love package deals along the shores of Onondaga (Rick/Scoop, Jonny/Paul, Groobers/quick kicks).

His brother is also considered a recruiting prize, so the Fizz First team of Couzens and Conroy is all over him.

Finally, our friend the Axeman whipped CNY into a frenzy for balking at an outdoor hockey game at the home of the Chiefs.

The Fizz thought the multi-million dollar expansion project of the late-’90s would’ve had a three-mile-wide roof and moving walkway connecting the Carousel Mall to the ballpark by now, but who knows? It’s hard to tell from South Florida.

So we vented. And then vented some more on Dr. Doom. And finally the Ebert & Roeper of Fizz First bonus-vented on the local government.


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