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A Response to Storrs Community College

It’s game day and the Orange is ranked 2nd in the country. So with that in mind, it’s time for us to take off the gloves and have some blog fun.

If you haven’t been paying attention,¬†The UConn Blog (no, seriously… that’s actually its name. Creativity points for the special-ed kids) has turned this into a Syracuse hate half-week¬†(which is considered 300-level Algebra in Storrs).

The Fizz has news from a legitimate academic institution: it’s game day, the Orange is ranked 2nd in the country, and UConn is on the outside looking in. So with that in mind, it’s time for us to take off the gloves and have some blog fun.

The UConn Blog decides takes a shot at Rony Seikaly for his DJ career.¬†(Sigh. Guess that’s what happens when you’re preparing for Indiana State in the NIT.)

“Now, one would think that a 44-year-old with a propensity to wear unbuttoned polo shirts… and use the the word ‘personall’… would never mix it up on the ones and twos.”

Well, you should know that A.J. Price actually helped Rony get started with a SICK laptop, right?

And as for the¬†Ray Allen Syracuse-hates-you-so-much-we-won’t-hire-factory-workers-named-Ray commercial, the obvious counter is the industrial workforce decline in the Salt City would make that syntax highly unlikely. But we’d hate to go over any Huskies fans’ heads.

Additionally, our boy Nunes outed that garbage like a year ago.

But how about the real Fizz killer.

How’s your¬†recruiting class, bitches? They’re both Top-20 compilations, but the ‘Cuse is still 11 spots ahead of UConn. At number 5. In the country.

Oh and one more thing. Did we mention Joe Lunardi thinks you suck at basketball?

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