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How Making Donuts Ruined My Life.

Posted: Mike Couzens.

I apologize, I’ve got family ties to Providence.

My oldest sister went to PC for both her undergraduate and graduate degrees, and even had her graduation ceremony at the Dunkin Donuts Center.

But worst of all (sorry sis), was that she played flute (yes flute) in the pep band.

Even I can’t restrain from laughing at the absurdity of what was just written.

Before I knew what the Big East was, or knew about big time college hoops, I was forced to sit through Providence College basketball games.

There were some high points, with players like Geoff McDermott and Donnie McGrath, but there were oh so many low points.

I used to enjoy basketball. That was before sitting through those games. Sometimes they weren’t even at the “Dunk.”¬†PC’s Alumni Hall hosted a few. It was basically an abandoned middle school.

Providence College basketball sucked. (So did the pep band. How are you even supposed to hear a flute over the drums?)

I started playing high school hoops alongside guys that would go on to play in major AAU tournaments and earn college scholarships.

Then I attended Syracuse where tens of thousands of people showed up, games were on national television and the guys with college scholarships went on to get NBA contracts.

And Providence College basketball still sucked.

So I blame you, PC, for ruining my notion of what college basketball was supposed to be. Big time crowds? Nope. Major hype and excitement? Nope.Worst mascot in the Big East? Yup.

Tonight as Syracuse heads into the Dunk, still perfect on the road, nothing has changed my mind.

Providence has a mall where the prime attraction is “Dave and Busters.” Itscorrupt mayor had to resign twice, once after assaulting a contractor with “a lit cigarette, an ashtray and a fireplace log.”

Providence is like the safety school for eastern seaboard preppies.

Despite the nickname “Renaissance City,” there hasn’t been a renaissance.

Providence College basketball still sucks.

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