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Juli Does What Arinze Doesn’t.

If Saturday’s Nova-geddon comes down to free throws,¬†The Fizz thinks it might be a better idea to put the game in Julie Boeheim’s hands than say, Mr. Onuaku.

In the most recent Jim&Juli Boehiem Foundation vid, the Mrs. is not Misses. She drills the free throw. Crowd goes wild. Are you listening Derrick Coleman?

But what else would you expect?

Julie is a freaking smoke show and basically the greatest wife ever created.

She runs a foundation. Raises a litter of aspiring referee-bashing-coaches. She’s fashionable (not always the easiest score in CNY). She’s incredibly affable – the rare breed who can easily mingle with the high-roller donors of the Upper West Side (“New York’s Team!”) and the every day ticket holders in section 314 Tully’s crowd.

Plus, she’s crazy hot (44 going on 24) and can feather free throws.

The best part is we have to need to worry about The Per’fesser going rogue and¬†pulling a Pitino on us. Boeheim’s already at the top of the food chain. There’s nowhere to go but down.

Syracuse has been haunted by miserable free throw shooting late in critical games. The hand of Otto has waved a few wide.

But Juli’s touch proves no need to fret. She just knocked it down at a gym named after Carmelo. ‘Tis truly the year of the Orange.

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