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Obituaries: Huskies Basketball

Connecticut’s season is over, embalmed and waiting for a merciless exit from the Big East tournament next month.

Looking for a fun way to waste time at work today Orange Nation?

Begin my typing “Hartford” into your browser’s Google box. If you have smart search on, your¬†second suggestion will be “Hartford Courant obituaries.” Guess a popular activity in the Nutmeg State is checking out which one of your neighbors kicked the bucket.

Bonham, Merideth – Glastonbury.

Coolidge, Jonathan – New Britain.

Feldman, Timothy – East Hartford.

Huskies, UConn – Storrs.

At 4-7 in the Big East, Connecticut’s season is over, embalmed and waiting for a merciless exit from the Big East tournament next month. Calhoun-bot 3000’s circuit-board has finally shorted. And last night’s loss at the Carrier Dome wore a toe tag.

From¬†the Courant’s Jeff Jacobs:¬†“What I don’t need is to see the replay of the rest season.

The Huskies still have control of their destiny. And if they don’t play as hard Saturday as they did the final 14 minutes Wednesday, well, none of this matters anyhow.”

Are we having fun yet?!

Undoubtedly, the waning minutes were too close for comfort for Orange Nation. A 16-point SU lead was erased entirely on some solid rebounding and sharp-shooting from the outside by the Huskies.

But the Orange did what it has done all season: Delivering when it mattered most and eventually outlasting inferior opponents.

How do we know this is a different kind of season happening before our very eyes? Syracuse, of all schools, is knocking down critical free throws to ice ball games.

Knowing the toxic karma¬†The Per’fesser’s teams have had from the charity stripe in critical moments (somewhere¬†Derrick Coleman is reading this after a night at the Ponderosa nodding), it was otherworldly to watch Wes and Kris calmly ice it with FTs last night.

Is this Syracuse team better-suited than almost any of the past 15 years (maybe outside of ’03) to achieve greatness?

The Orange continues to play unselfishly. It continues to stress defense and make teams work through the 2-3 zone. SU is simply imposing its will on lesser teams. And now closing out close games with efficient free-throw shooting.

What a great diagnosis – UConn. D.O.A.

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