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SU Hoops: The Closer

This is what makes this SU team so much different from teams in years past. The simple ability to be closers is something to appreciate.

So that’s what a close game looks like, huh?

The win over UConn last night was just the fourth game this season Syracuse has played within seven points at the final buzzer.

But those are the type of games that might need to happen a little more often, too.

It’s the gut check games where every rebound, every foul, and as we saw last night, every free throw matters.

The reason this ended up being a close game was clearly rebounding. Final tally: Huskies 42-39. Second Half: Huskies 26-14.

SU did the little things against Cincinnati, but the Orange failed there at times last night. There was too much standing around watching under the basket, rather than getting inside and banging for a rebound.

What if this game is on the road and it’s the Orange trailing down the stretch trying to make a furious rally, having to foul and making a comeback?

How much would that change things?

Fortunately, this is what makes this SU team so much different from teams in years past. The simple ability to be¬†closers is something to appreciate. However, twenty turnovers didn’t help the cause. That number has to be lower (which on most nights it will be, especially at home), so each game doesn’t have to come down to the wire.

The finish line is still far down the road. There’s six Big East games left, half of which are on the road – including a trip to Georgetown.

Plus there’s that little ol’ game on the 27th against¬†Villanova where you’ll be lucky to be watching the game from the back corner of Tully’s if you can get your foot in the door.

So if you’ll excuse the slight drizzle (we’re not talking rain) here on the parade, move along with your day for now, and take a deep breath after a game that was too close for everyone’s comfort .

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