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The Per’fesser is so STACKed.

J.B. describes the joy in Wes and the annoyance in the Devo-Harris Era. Look at that smirk on his face. I wish I could frame that and hang it in Calhoun’s bathroom.

Jim Boeheim did an¬†interview with Stack Magazine about what makes a “good recruit” for his program, and one quote resonated here with¬†Team Fizz.

(Editor’s Note:

“Obviously talent’s very important, but the attitude the player has, how he relates to his teammates and his coach, how he is in tough situations when things aren’t going that well – character’s so important.”

Sure, that seems like a cookie-cutter answer from Jimmy B, but how about this important fact: The date of the interview – September 1, 2008. Ring a bell?

This was post-NIT, smack dab in the middle of the Slim Devo Era.

This was after two seasons of do-it-all Paul making his coach’s heads explode.

Consider that this was Scoop Jardine pre-weight loss and post-cheesesteak.

The team’s makeup since then has considerably changed since that quote hit the presses.

Scoop had his epiphany, Wes Johnson came into the fray, Kris Joseph started his Twitter account (all loving until this weekend, as The Fizz noted) and Andy Rautins stepped in as a vocal leader for the team.

Mookie Jones has been the biggest headache this season, and even he’s a far cry from the ongoing Devo/Harris sagas. In fact, being on campus every day, he’s almost always with another member of the team.

Did Boeheim change the way he recruited? Probably not. But he did he change¬†who he recruited? Maybe. And an eye on character doesn’t hurt.

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