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Arinze’s Quad Tracker.

Arinze Onuaku’s injured right quadriceps has it’s own Twitter account. Let the frenzy begin.

Arinze Onuaku has an injured right quadriceps.

And someone is in desperate need of a reason to get off their computer.
Welcome to March Madness.

Three days out from the game, we’re still a little hazy on Arinze’s health – and so is Google News.

So we know at about 99.9% percent he’ll be out Friday against Vermont, but¬†The Fizz has come to live with that after taking a look at Vermont’s roster.

As a former high school and AAU scrub, it would appear the post players on the Catamount roster are not exactly Olojuwon and Sampson… and you don’t really need any stats to back up that assertion.

“How can you be so sure, Couzens?” , you might find yourself asking.

Here are the names of some of the forwards on the Vermont Roster: Luke Apfeld, Evan Fjeld, Matt Glass, Ben Crenca, and Garrett Kissel.

Sounds more like a weekly meeting of the Burlington Polo Club than it does a basketball team.

Their hobbies: Watching Arrested Development, Going to Ugly Sweater Parties (sometimes those are unintentional in Vermont), and talking about their New England prep school days.

Intimidating? Not really.

Rick Jackson will be taking care of business on Friday.

And after UVM star Marqus Blakely, the Catamounts really don’t have much of a threat inside. Only Fjeld averages double figures and the rest of the bigs don’t get much burn – and that’s in the America East.

It’s fair to worry about AO’s health, but only after business gets taken care of Friday. That gives him and the team¬†another day to rest.

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