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Calhoun-Bot 3000 Under Fire

Posted: Mike Couzens

We might know a little bit more about why Josh Selby ended up at Kansas now.

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, an NCAA source told UConn that investigators had been looking into possible basketball recruiting violations, and that a report on those violations will be issued in the near future.

Other than the obvious ramifications that would have on the Huskies program, it also trickles down to the situation with¬†Jim Calhoun. He had well documented health problems this season (his indestructibility leading The Fizz to theorize he’s cyborg Calhoun-Bot 3000), which kept him off the sidelines for seven games. Also, his current contract expires¬†on June 30th and he has yet to sign an extension.

Despite speculation that both his health and the possible NCAA violations have kept a contract extension from being signed, Calhoun told The Wall Street Journal, “I feel very comfortable signing a new contract and I think the university feels very comfortable signing a new contract.”

However, Josh Selby’s mother said in the article that the contract did play into the recruitment process.

“In Josh’s mind, that was a concern ‚Äî just how long [Calhoun is] going to be there,” Maishon Witherspoon said.

Calhoun says in the article that one of the issues was trying to decide who his predecessor would be after he retires. He used the words “signatures away” to describe the contract negotiations.

Well if that’s the case, aren’t I just signatures away from signing a multi-million dollar contract with the Lakers? All we’d need is the paper and ink.

A close look at Calhoun’s contract shows there is an out for the University if Calhoun is found to be guilty of any violations:

“The Coach acknowledges that if he is found by either the University or the NCAA to be in violation of NCAA regulations he, ‘shall be subject to disciplinary or corrective action…including suspension without pay or termination of employment for significant or repetitive violations.”

Even though a firing is highly unlikely, what’s probable is that UConn is waiting to see what the fallout of the NCAA report is before inking Calhoun to a new deal.

The allegations the NCAA brings upon the UConn program and Coach Calhoun could have huge ramifications for SU and the Big East. He’s currently got the 15th-ranked recruiting class heading into next season. (For the record SU is 6th.)

Will the Big East ever see the end of Calhoun?

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