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MayFest is Alive! It’s Alive!

Jim Commentucci / The Post-Standard

Posted: Ted Conroy

Orange Nation was hoping to rejoice for two more weeks this basketball season. But with the early exit of the ‘Cuse, heads on campus have hung low, faces have looked sullen since the Butler Catastrophe.

Yet, in an 11th hour decision not unlike healthcare reform, SU has channeled it’s inner Lloyd Christmas.

“Just when I thought you couldn’t do anything dumber, you go and do something like this… and totally redeem yourself.”

The most popular day of the calendar year to get publicly wasted at Syracuse University has been reinstated!

Originally, the day off was meant for academic reasons. However, SU students know better, and turned it into an excuse to hit Euclid for a day of drinking.

Well, Chancy Nancy and the rest didn’t quite like that, so they canned it, repackaged it as “SU Showcase,” and took the freebie away.
Viva la return! The University is actually going to provide beer for students over the age of 21, and has set it for April 30th (not quite May, but hey, mere semantics).

It’s being billed as an afternoon picnic at Walnut Park, but that’s just for University purposes. In a land where upperclassmen rule the day on hosting, and the “Back to Euclid” movement will be in full swing leading up to the event.
In fact, within three hours of the D.O’s distribution of the news, I got this Facebook request:¬†“You’re invited to “MAYFEST – Walnut Park can suck my balls, I’m getting wasted on EUCLID!!!!!” on Friday, April 30 at 10:00am.”

Fizz headquarters will surely be bumpin’ on this day (with the Drake concert in unison).¬†Between a roommate who blows his tuition refund checks on 30-racks and another (Couzens) who is the GM of a top-40 radio station, the smell of Fizziness is in the air.
It may not completely redeem the board for keeping Groobers around an extra season to reduce his buyout, but let the healing begin.
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