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The 2010 S.O.B. for Best Boeheim Quote

It’s a special moment for all of us – especially our favorite coach.

So glad you decided to drop by our cozy little part of the Syracuse blogosphere. Thanks to Sean at Nunes Magician for making this all possible.

Around these parts we like to call Jim Boeheim, “The Per’fesser.” He’s been employed as head basketball coach for longer than most of you have been alive. Think about that.

When Syracuse battled Butler in the Sweet 16, the college basketball universe turned into an MC Escher painting. Brad Stevens, head coach of the Bulldogs, was all of 33 years old. Jimmy had lorded over Orange basketball for 34 years.

Yes, The Per’fesser had been employed as head basketball coach at the ‘Cuse, longer than his opponent had been on Earth.

Thus, with such a lineage comes many moments of greatness. Who can forget his G-Mac “overrated” rant? His battle with a microphone? His thousand of moments embarrassing student media?

This SOB’s category is for The Per’fesser. The perfect way to say thank you on a 2010 Coach of the Year Award (of which he was long overdue). Here’s the SOB for favorite Boeheim quote. And the winner goes to

“I’ll have special feelings when this is all over. Anything else is premature. Premature anything is never good…”

“You people are pretty dirty. I don’t know where your heads are at. But I have kids here, come on.”

He led a band of “not good enoughs” to the number-one ranking in the country. He demolished Georgetown and Villanova and the rest of the Big East. He won the conference’s regular season title and aligned the Orange with a one-seed. Yep, The Per’fesser can say anything he wants at the post-game presser.

The gang here inside the Syracuse blogosphere voted “The Premature Quote” as Boeheim’s best in a season full of outstanding verbal moments. Nunesmagician, The Bleacher Report and Cuse Country all gave it the thumbs up. But the competition was fierce. Boehiem’s kevetching about his man-to-man was the pick by Hoya Suxa. His memorable chat with Dan Patrick was the choice by Big Orange Bloggers.

But in the end, The Per’fesser teaching the CNY media about “being premature” is your 2010 SOB winner. And why wouldn’t it be?

Enjoy the rest of today’s action. We’re all really lucky as Orange lunatics to have the most comprehensive collection of blogs available to any school. Even if it means 13 different ways to dissect the loss to Akron. Bookmark us here at The Fizz and drop by daily¬†for a unique look at the Syracuse universe. And we beg you to never forget, “the Cuse is in the house, oh my God. Oh my God.”

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Cuse Orange has your “Best Freshman.” Take it boys… and try not to be premature.

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