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Yup, it was Kentucky’s Academics

Posted: Mike Couzens

It seemed to become a bit of a battle for Brandon Knight when he had to make his college decision. The choice between several of the country’s top schools couldn’t have been an easy one

“I just chose Kentucky just because I felt it was a place that had great players, a great environment and just a place where I can elevate my game with great coaches and pieces around me,” Knight said.

But this was Mad Libs on Signing Day. You could insert any of his final schools into that sentence and it wouldn’t have made any difference.

“There was a time I wasn’t considering going to Kentucky. All the other schools were great places and had great things to offer. It came down to I was comfortable on my visit (at Kentucky) and where I could get better at.”

Credit BK. He went on to say that he was concerned with his life after basketball. “I try to balance education and athletics by keeping my head on straight and knowing it is a privilege to play, and my parents forced me to get school work done to play. I had no choice. My mind will last a lot longer than my legs.”

Unfortunately, Kentucky ranked a cool 64th out of 64 schools on the US News and World Report’s list of the best public universities in the nation. That would be behind the Ivies of the South, Arkansas and Arizona State.

As an SU fan, we would rather have Knight just say he‚Äôs going to school to help his NBA stock than sell us the academics story. Let‚Äôs face it, Calipari isn’t delivering Top-5 recruiting classes because of UK’s neurosurgery program.

So while The Per’fesser may have lost the small battle here for Knight, worry not SU fans. This get would have been like Dwight from ‚ÄúThe Office‚Äù picking up the hottest chick in the bar – a long shot at best. We knew Knight wanted Coach Cal and vice versa. Three starters may be gone, but wasn‚Äôt that the same story coming into this season‚Ķwithout a highly-touted recruiting class?

Yup. Happy trails B-Knight  - we’ll survive.

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