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Quarterback Deja Vu

Frank Ordonez/ Post-Standard

Posted: Ted Conroy

Two major surprises (slash groans) from the unveiling of the newest Orange depth chart.¬†The Fizz has already lamented E.J. Carter’s absence¬†coming into the summer.

Unfortunately, we’ve become used to this exodus.

And as first revealed on Syracuse’s 1260 The Score, Ryan Nassib will be the starter over Charley Loeb.

This is the biggest battle coming into fall ball.¬†Remember the last time Nassib won the QB nod? How’d that turn out? Well, we all learned about the (cough) stallion offense.

While the carousel at linebacker continues to blare loudest and Delone Carter’s legal battles unfold, this is a most important position on the field.

If this was clearly Nassib’s job, Marrone would have given him the Greg Paulus treatment and completely supported him. However, don’t look now Ryan. This quote is not the firmest slap on the back:

‚ÄúI look at that, as who gives us the best chance to win. I think Charley improved quite a bit.¬†We feel we have two good quarterbacks, and that‚Äôs a comfortable feeling.”

Sounds like the fight is still on.

Let’s not forget about incoming recruits Jonny Miller and John Kinder either; they’ll be thrust into the quarterback competition in August.

Let the summer games begin. It’s where Paulus shined. Can Loeb do the same? Deja Vu, all over again.

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