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FizzCast: NCAA Tightens on Recruiting

Team Fizz also discusses the new football jerseys and women’s hoops silliness.

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Couzens and D.A. bring you the freshest edition of the FizzCast; this week we’re talking the dirty world of college recruiting in the summer, the new SU football jerseys (thanks Averin!), and we wonder why the SU women’s basketball schedule is getting released like sudoku squares.

ESPN’s Dana O’Neil wrote a fascinating piece on the summer basketball scene and quoted 20 anonymous “high-profile” coaches about their takes on where recruiting goes wrong. DA offered his take:

“The NCAA has for a long time been known as kind of a toothless enterprise that only went after the most egregious offenders because they had to in order to save some face. But they really didn’t want to go after some of the institutions that might have been flirting with danger. These coaches will always find a way РI think that what we just saw from USC is a good thing because I never thought they would go after them.”

The article states ‚ÄúMost coaches (15 of 20) thought the game was more scrutinized and regulated than it’s ever been and believe that the sport is on its way to redemption. Yet even they concede there are major problems with college basketball’s image and its actions.‚Äù

There always will be, but if it’s getting better, we’re happy with it.

How about those new football unis?¬†They‚Äôve got hints of retro ‘Cuse wear and D.A. believes are light years better than the 2007 orange-on-orange-on-orange:

‚ÄúWe‚Äôve simplified it and gone back. I like having the block ‘S’ on the helmet and now our jerseys are much closer to the McNabb home jerseys of the late 90‚Äôs. The road jerseys have the blue numerals which is going back to the late 80‚Äôs, early 90‚Äôs. I think they nailed it. I don‚Äôt know what the pants are going to look like but as long as they don‚Äôt have pumpkins on them, I think we‚Äôre ok.‚Äù

And well, we don’t talk much women’s basketball here on The Fizz but we will today. Let us be the first to tell you of this marvel of scheduling. The game-by-game out of conference schedule for the team is being released day…….day. Why? We’re not sure…

“This is just about the goofiest, dumbest, most ridiculous promotion. How misguided is this promotion? As if Syracuse fans are waiting with baited breath, waking up every day and going to the website to see about LIE? LIU? You could barely get away with this type of hype around the men’s non-conference schedule. I couldn’t care less that Delaware State is taking on the Orange.”

Posted: Mike Couzens

The Fizz is owned, edited and operated by Damon Amendolara. D.A. is an ’01 Syracuse graduate from the Newhouse School with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.


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