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Road Syracuse Jersey Leaked

After yesterday’s insta-analysis of Syracuse’s new home football jerseys, we have the roadies to now dissect as well.

Thanks to noro45’s Flickr photostream – the Deep Throat of SU’s gridiron apparel – it appears our long national nightmare is over.

The road jerseys will also eliminate the shoulder striping and use clean blue piping and thin orange sleeves. Basic and clean – which are two adjectives not often associated with any Syracuse athletic jersey in the last 5 years of Nike-ization.

The biggest difference is the vintage blue numerals, which is bad ass. Doug Marrone took a little pinch of old-school Orange football and sprinkled it over the program. He’s attempted to re-instill discipline, pride in the program and Don McPherson’s classic old uni. Remember, McNabb’s road jersey had orange (block shaded) numbers by the end of his tenure. This is much better.

When you zoom back five years and check out the original uniform changes, it’s like looking at pictures of you as a toddler with dirt in your mouth. There were four different uniform combinations, individual numbers on the helmets, shoulder striping and and the single most hideous idea in Syracuse uniform history on the horizon.

The last five seasons of uniform changes have been like watching a young foal try to walk. Wobbly, unsure of oneself, trying to find its balance. Hopefully (if they don’t screw up the pants or introduce an outline of the Hall of Languages on the socks), we are finally seeing our horse run it’s first race.

Posted: D.A.

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