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FizzCast: The Next Orange Quarterback?

We discuss local product Travis Eman and debate the Meadowlands Decision.

Listen to a new FizzCast. This week and there’s a lot on the table.

You’ve read about Buffalo-are QB Travis Eman¬†here on The Fizz, who reminds us of a former Syracuse high school star. From Ted Conroy:

“This is a guy who’s along thee lines of Jawan Simmons and needs to prove himself coming into his senior year. He’s a two star recruit, has the physical credentials, is a duel threat quarterback. And he’s a guy who depending on how his senior year goes, he could get a few more offers. It’s really going to come down to whether or not he produces in his senior season.”

But is this the type of quarterback the Orange wants to invest in?

“You don’t want somebody who’s a middling prospect, which is why you take how his senior year goes (and evaluate from there). Early in the Greg Robinson era maybe they throw a scholarship at this guy because, hell, maybe he could turn into something. But I think now the Orange is in a good position in which they are on the recruiting rise and they can wait at this point, and still be in it later in the process. It’s a different position for the Orange, definitely a better one if you ask me.”

D.A weighed in on the rapidly growing recruiting class of 2011 for Doug Marrone. The best part about it? The bulk of the kids are coming from right inside the Empire State borders.

“As Syracuse football builds itself up, we’re gonna have some of these panic moments. (Marrone’s) gonna have to keep selling the program and he’s gonna blow out quite a few other guys during summer camp as we know at some point. They need athletes, they need numbers and they need guys to be on this roster that can make it especially if Marrone does cut a few guys. What I like is that the guys he keeps bringing in are from New York State and that’s a priority.”

SU also recently announced playing Penn State at the Meadowlands in 2013 and D.A. says it could soon become “Carrier Dome South”

“These are the type of things that Syracuse should do. Yeah, it’s not the Carrier Dome and you don’t get the local generation of revenue and buzz but if you get to play games like Penn State Рyou sacrifice the local stuff for playing in New Jersey because its going to be a nationally televised affair, you’re going to have a ton of fans that show up from the alumni base in New Jersey and New York and if this is what its going to take to get Notre Dame done, do it. If this is what it’s going to take to get B.C., do it.”

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Posted: Mike Couzens

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