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Syracuse in Davis’ Final Three

ESPN100 recruit Anthony Davis says the Orange is in his final three.

For a college basketball coach, the summer is all about travel. You’ll whisk away to summer hot spots like Florida, Georgia, and New York City. Except you’re not on vacation Рyou’re recruiting.

The latest reason Syracuse assistant coaches have spent their summer vacation in Chicago is Anthony Davis of the class of 2011. Average name, above average game.

Davis is a 6’10” power forward from Chicago Perspectives with a 7’3” wingspan and father who is controlling his recruiting game.

Just last week Anthony Davis Sr. said that North Carolina was no longer in the recruiting process for his son, and that Syracuse, Kentucky, and Ohio State were the final three.

How awesome/scary is that?

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You’ve got a battle of three master recruiters and all of them had very talented players leave last year. John Wall (Kentucky), Evan Turner (Ohio State) and Wes Johnson (Syracuse), gives all three schools a reason to reload.

We’ve dealt with the “Dad In Charge” model of recruiting before when there was another big name recruit who ended up wearing Orange - just the wrong shade and in the wrong state.

Davis seems to be the perfect fit for what Jim Boeheim looks for in the zone. He’s tall, athletic, blocks a lot of shots and run the floor. He may not have the jump shot now (or ever Рsee Harris, P.) but that may not matter much because Boeheim will always fill the scorer role somehow.

From conversations I’ve had with college assistant coaches, Jim Boeheim doesn’t have to do much scouting on a player after all these years Рhe just knows the types of guys that fit into his system. Davis seems to be that type of guy.

Posted: Mike Couzens

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