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@ChanJones99 to Fizz: No Tweets for You!

“@ChanJones99 Oh and Orange Fizz, im sorry but im gunna have to block ya now.. todalooo 🙂 — aww he madddd”

August 17th, 2010. 11:59p. The day the music died.

Last week The Fizz told you about the incredibly entertaining tweets from our favorite Syracuse comedic team since Groobers and Poloquin – Chandler Jones and Torrey Ball.

They were a pair of defensive lineman who allowed us to peek inside the life of a baller on campus, via suit shopping, food court Chinese and the questions of life like why some of their classmates looked like Oompaloompas. They became our Hollywood power couple: ChanBall.

On Monday, we were treated to another moment of blogosphere brilliance when one of Chandler’s female friends tweeted a pic of him picking his nose on Skype. The Fizz begged SU athletics not to persuade Jones to take down the Twitter account. Where else would we turn for Orange athletes smiling while romping through cyberspace?

On Wednesday morning, we awoke to find an era had ended before it had barely begun. Van Chew retweeted the above message from ChanJones99 and sure enough, The Fizz’s twitter feed had been blocked. Sigh. Look at the time of the tweet. Our carriage had truly turned into an orange pumpkin at midnight.

Are we “madddd?” Nah, not really. Merely devastated. Yes, that’s me – in my faded Syracuse hat and throwback Sherman Douglas jersey – dabbing the droplets of tears that began to well.

Alas, we understand. No one wants their personal life spread out on display for all the world to see. Even if you put it on a public social networking site with your full name and identity, where anyone in the universe with an internet feed can browse through.

Good bye our first son of comedy. I’ll have to sift through Michigan defensive statistics to laugh that loud again. Todalooo, Chandler.

Posted: D.A.

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