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Syracuse Dances Happy Dance

Let’s just put aside journalistic integrity and unbiased observation for a moment.

I like this picture.

I like this moment.

Syracuse football players happy in turn makes me happy. And for any reader who sniped at The Fizz for posting pictures of the starting DE picking his nose or questioning SU’s naming rights protocol, that sentence should muzzle you.

At least until we rip another administrative decision.

Let’s be frank. Beating Akron is simply doing your job. If Kirk Herbstreit could summon his inner Chris Rock he might cackle, “Akron? That’s what you’re supposed to do! What do ya want, a cookie?”

No, a cookie is not necessary. But this is a program with five years of beat down scars. These players suffered through the ignominy of the Groobers Error. His subsequent firing. The four-win season last year. The last-place Big East predictions.

We no longer talk about conference championships or Top-25 rankings here in the 315. We speak of six-win seasons, keeping it close against UConn and International Bowls. So forgive the Orange for dancing the happy dance on the turf of a rust belt MAC school after a less than spectacular 29-3 win.

Last night probably does not change your view of the ’10 Orange (although the defense proved it has a chance to be a dominating unit. Only 166 yards given up? Woah). But there is an optimism on that sideline and in that coaching room and on that practice field that we haven’t seen around here in damn near a decade.

Were they supposed to beat Akron handily? Yeah. But you can’t blame them for reveling in finally proving everyone right – in a good way.

Posted: D.A.

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