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Did Rutgers Really Just Lose to Tulane at Home?

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So let’s just get this straight:

  • Starting quarterback Tom Savage injures hand.
  • Offense under Savage looks dismal yet again.
  • Trick play busts open Rutgers defense.
  • Greg Schiano admits a sloppy week of practices.
  • Potential quarterback controversy could be brewing.
  • (1-2) Tulane comes into Piscataway and wins.
  • Only previous victory for Green Wave was over Southeastern Lousiana by six.

Hey, Syracuse football fans know embarrassing home losses to non-BCS teams. But come on Schiano! We thought you were a coaching savant? With a team that was supposed to compete for the Big East title. A program that continues to recruit well in Florida and Jersey but has yet to play in a BCS game. What happened?

“It’s on me. I was unable to get our team ready to go, unable to get over a tough loss, I guess, to North Carolina, unable to get our team to realize how hard this game would be. So as the head coach, everything falls on me.”

Oh, well then I guess that covers it. Don’t bother mentioning what specific failings should be accredited to you, Greg. Just take one big paint brush and say you didn’t have the team properly motivated. Easiest bailout move from Coaching for Dummies. Maybe this is why Malcolm Cater called Schiano “cocky.”

Savage lent some insight.

“It was sloppy, guys not paying attention to detail Рoff the field and on the field. I know we did the same thing last year (against Syracuse), and I know we learned our lesson but obviously not well enough. We forgot what that feeling was like and now we’re reminded of it.”

Right. The loss at the Dome last year was because practice wasn’t sharp that week. Sounds like an excuse. Like coach like quarterback.

Posted: D.A.

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