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FizzCast: Who Is the Best Dressed Coach in the Big East?

Listen to Jim Boeheim, K-Jo and Scoop discuss the Best Dressed Coach in the Big East:

The Fizz has taken you inside our world at Big East Media Day this week. We’ve tackled the important questions. Like who is the best dressed coach in the Big East?

The Fizz results of a (very) informal poll are in – and The Per’fesser actually finished pretty respectably.

Not surprisingly, Jay Wright and Rick Pitino got most of the first place votes from both players and coaches around the conference. Jay Wright looks like he’s right out of a JC Penny catalogue and Pitino has pulled some of the flashiest outfits we’ve ever seen.

For the breakdown of the many outfits of Pitino, we turn to a few of his U of L players in Peyton Siva and Preston Knowles.

Siva says of Pitino’s all white getup, “He has suits, the white one, that if you throw a red fruit punch on it, it’ll slide right off. I think he has a suit for every day of the year.”

I wouldn’t recommend throwing fruit punch of any of his suits. As for the rest of his attire, Siva continues, “Coach P. has three sets of clothes: It’s either small shorts and a t-shirt, like he was still playing in college shorts to practice. Then he has his sweatsuit game, where he just wears his regular grey sweatsuit. And then it’s all dress suits after that.”

Small shorts? Like nut-huggers? “The first time I saw them I laughed but he was walking and I had to turn around and run to the other end of the court, giggle in the corner, and them come back and stretch.”

Knowles acknowledges that a certain coach from Philadelphia has a good look too. “Homeboy Jay Wright, he’s smooth right there.”

John Flowers from West Virginia agreed. “He’s got the flashiest suits and he’s a little bit younger so he stands out a little more.”

Notre Dame‚Äôs Ben Hansborough was blown away.¬†‚ÄúHe‚Äôs simply the best dressed. He‚Äôs got the medley of suits. You never know what he‚Äôs gonna pull out.”

Notably drab Bob Huggins, who can always be found in his windbreaker, gave it to us simple.

“Its comfortable. I’m a coach, I’m not a model.”

To his credit he was wearing a three piece, pinstripe suit at Media Day.

I asked Huggins about why he thinks Jim Boeheim never wears a full suit. The Per’fesser always dons a sportcoat or jacket, but they are never a part of the same suit.

“He may not have one. He probably doesn’t get paid enough. I mean the truth of the matter is ‘Bo is dressing a whole lot better since Juli dresses him. Before he was an absolute mess. Juli has done a wonderful job with him… with not a lot to work with.”

What about Coach Boeheim? What was his response? You can listen to the FizzCast with Kris Joseph, Rick Jackson, Scoop Jardine, and Coach Boeheim above.

What was Pitino’s response to being voted best dressed?

“Well in this conference that’s not the highest compliment in the world trying to beat out these coaches.”

Posted: Mike Couzens

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