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Will the Pitt Loss Scare off Denver RB Recruit?

The debacle against Pitt surprisingly has already netted a commitment from one of the number of recruits who attended the game. The Fizz has learned that lineman Rob Trudo chose SU on his way home from the Dome this weekend.

As discussed in the FizzCast, Adonis Ameen-Moore, the running back from Mullen Prep in Denver, was one of those recruits in attendance. As most already know, current quarterback Jonny Miller (most likely a redshirt this year) is a fellow Mullen-ite. He handed off to Ameen-Moore in the backfield last season.

This might be the blue collar, heavy hitting runner that SU needs, especially with Delone Carter on his way out of the Cuse after next season.

Ameen-Moore is big. The Fizz profiled the senior as a low bruiser with surprising speed, who we surmised could be a fullback at the FBS level. Check out his stats this year and it appears as if Ameen-Moore may have become more of a complete back. 8.4 yards per carry, a 40 yard long, and a 7-0 team with him as the workhorse.

Just how good is Ameen-Moore? His home state schools have the full court press on him. Two weeks ago, Ameen-Moore was at Colorado State. He also attended the CU camp over the summer, and has an offer the program. Alabama and Kansas State are also listed as schools interested in Ameen-Moore.

CU no longer employs a coach who uses of sex parties to lure recruits, which is good for, well, everyone. But people are fawning over Ameen-Moore wherever they can.

Just take a look at the Colorado blogs. When the Buffs 3rd-string running back left the team, the lovefest started in the comments section. He is now being officially pitched to by blog commenters.

Adonis – Picture yourself in a Thunder and Lightning role with (insert existing Smurf RB name here) getting all of the goal line work for the Buffs for the next four years running behind a very improved O-Line that’s nearly the size of the guys you play behind at Mullen now. Commit tomorrow and bring your friend, Rayshon Williams with you. Please?

They are pleading. With a 17-year old boy. Are you kidding me?

The coaching staff seems just as into him. In fact, the Buffs might have even pulled the Reese/Knight Brandon two-fer try.

Back when Syracuse was in on the big fish from 2010, Brandon Knight, there was a smaller, less athletic Brandon; Brandon Reese. He attended Pine Crest School (FL) with Knight, so they allowed Reese to walk on (he eventually flipped that to a scholarship, and now gets his face on the team poster. Good for him).

Coincidence that he happened to play with Knight in high school? We will leave that up to the reader, but it is probably safe to say the Orange was not after his illustrated portfolio (just kidding) or his under 13 PPG average (not just kidding.)

Ameen-Moore has a teammate from Mullen named Marion Conte, who walked on at Colorado instead of going to Dartmouth. All fine and good but this is revealing:

Conte said CU coaches have interest in some of his younger teammates at Mullen, including defensive back Erik Smith, running back Adonis Ameen-Moore, linebacker Leilon Willingham, and defensive end Nduka Onyeali.

We know that Calipari does not work in football, so it could be a little bit more plausible then the Knight ploy by Boeheim, Hop and Murph.

Delone Carter is gone after this season. Antwon Bailey is an amazing player who can bust off long runs and give offense the needed versatility to succeed, but there is clearly a hole at power back after the clock strikes midnight on 2010.

FizzCast guest Dom Timbers didn not qualify to play his freshman season. Averin Collier is still not cleared academically, despite being with the team now. Prince-Tyson Gulley is a speedster just like Bailey, and does not necessarily represent a change of pace. Ameen-Moore should be available immediately, with a 3.0 GPA and a 19 ACT.

The Pitt loss? That is 2,000 miles of travel for a top-tier recruit to enjoy a lot of Panther touchdowns – painful to think about. But if anything, the Orange just needs to put the gas on more and there are plenty in his homestate who also want their Mullen star.

Posted: Ted Conroy.

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