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Winning in Florida Means Standings and Recruiting Trail

Syracuse will begin to install the gameplan for USF today and luckily for the Orange, it’s a totally different Bulls defense than the one faced a year ago.

Last seasons’ dismantling of SU spotlighted George Selvie and Jason Pierre Paul wreaking havoc on Greg Paulus and forcing him into five interceptions.

Don’t forget, Paulus is the guy who gave us the quote, “A turnover is a turnover in the red zone.” Lucky for the Orange, Ryan Nassib has only thrown two interceptions through four games.

Saturday, SU travels down to Tampa - in the Sunshine State Рa place The Fizz has analyzed as a breeding ground for successful Syracuse players.

On Monday, Marrone, answering honestly as he always does, gave some insight into how this game and rivalry helps the Orange

“It helps the exposure that we do play down there. As far as recruiting, I think we’re refocusing or getting back to a foundation that’s been good to our program for a period of time. I think Syracuse is well known in that area for a lot of reasons. Obviously the Miami rivalry back when they were in the Big East. All of the players that we’ve ever gotten from the state of Florida have been successful both on the field and in the classroom.”

Current Floridian players on the roster include safeties Mike Holmes (met his parents in Seattle Рgreat people) and Dorian Graham, cornerbacks Philip Thomas, Kevyn Scott, Ri’Shard Anderson, Keon Lyn, and Jeremi Wilkes, tight ends Nick Provo and Beckett Wales, and defensive end Max Beaulieu.

Several of those players are significant contributors including Provo, who could be a big weapon for Nassib heading into conference play. There’s always been plenty of talent coming out of Florida, it’s just a matter of getting them to say yes to Syracuse. More from Marrone:

‚ÄúI‚Äôm not gonna be na√Øve and say ‘If you don‚Äôt win this game you do not get players down there.’ You‚Äôre gonna get your share of players. If you win the game do you maybe get in on some kids that you might not? I think you will, that‚Äôs a possibility. Anytime you go play a team that‚Äôs in a recruiting area for you, if you win, you get benefits from that. If you lose obviously you‚Äôre fighting a little uphill battle.”

Not only is this game important towards a head start in the wide open Big East, but it’s also going to pay dividends down the road long after the Derrell Smith’s and Doug Hogue’s are gone.

Victory on Saturday means winning now, and for the future.

Posted: Mike Couzens

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