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FizzCast: Is Syracuse Hoops Really This Bad?

Listen to a Fresh FizzCast discuss the loss to UConn and a slow start for hoops:

Just like Thanksgiving bringing unwanted relatives into town, this past weekend delivered multiple outcomes at the Dome we would have rather avoided. There was the much-too-close 63-60 basketball win over William and Mary, and the 23-6 football loss to Connecticut.

Dennis Nett/ Post-Standard

While most people, myself included, think the loss to the Huskies will spell danger for the Orange down the road (which it still may) at least one of us was looking at things positively. On this week’s FizzCast, D.A. says the UConn loss is proof that Marrone is better than we thought:

“This Syracuse team is not good. Ryan Nassib is not good. Those wide receivers are not good. That offensive line is not good. I just felt like we were even talking about a Big East Championship, the fact that in November we’re talking about BCS stuff shows that Marrone did this with smoke and mirrors this year. They’re really not a good football team, they’re just a well coached football team that tries to take advantage of other people’s mistakes.”

It’s true, with mostly Groobers’ talent, Marrone has gotten this team to a level of respectability it hasn’t seen the last half-decade. Of course, D.A. could be delusional as well.

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As for hoops this past weekend, a few thoughts:

1) Scheduling a basketball game against a team from the Colonial Athletic Conference on a Sunday afternoon with the NFL = horrible decision.

2) William and Mary is one of five original D-1 teams to never have made the NCAA tournament. The others are The Citadel, Northwestern, Army, and St. Francis (NY).

3) Syracuse only won by three. Good grief.

Kanell says it best:

“This is a team full of role players. Some of the problems from last year are coming back where Syracuse has no offense to speak of. Fab Melo is not who we thought he was coming into the season. Kris Joseph is not that do it all player this year either. This team is really, really overrated.”

It‚Äôs pretty obvious this team lacks a go-to scorer right now. As for who that player is, I’m not sure that player is even be on the roster.

We do know the schedule starts getting really gets tough as this team goes down to the Jersey Shore and a tilt with Michigan on Friday. There’s no room for error.

Posted: Mike Couzens

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