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It’s Official: Fizz Was Right on Syracuse in Pinstripe Bowl

“If there’s any near-certainty among Big East bowls, it’s this one: Syracuse is going to the New Era Pinstripe Bowl. Bet the house on that one.” – Brian Bennett,, Tuesday.

Is there an echo in here?

Today, it became official: Syracuse accepts an invitation to play in the inaugural Pinstripe Bowl.

Back on November 23rd, The Fizz quoted a college football source saying the Pinstripe Bowl and SU were already working on a deal. Interestingly, of all the bowl reps we’ve contacted and done stories with, the Pinstripers were the only ones secretive and aloof on their decision and options. Feels like these two had been plotting for weeks.

But the Pinstripe Bowl reps did give The Fizz a little crumb to follow as far back as a month ago, on November 4th.

“Location of the team is definitely a factor especially as it relates to the Big East. If the Big East team can deliver a ‘built in’ fan base that can travel here by car, it would certainly be a benefit to both the team and the bowl.”,, and NBC Sports all finally come around to what we had predicted all along. All peg Syracuse to play Kansas State in the Bronx.

But they’re over a month late to the party. Back on November 1st, our FizzCast projected the Orange to the Bronx.

“In terms of a closer location for fans to travel, a more fiscally responsible road trip for the program and another footprint in New York City, the Bronx would fit perfect.”

It doesn’t take Cam Newton’s dad to connect the college football reality dots. The Orange wants a New York City presence. The Pinstripe Bowl wants a traveling, nearby fan base. Losing three of four has dropped SU out of the top two seeds in the Big East. The natural fit of upstate New York Yankee fans inside the House that George Built was too perfect.

So then why did it take everyone so long to agree with us?

Posted: D.A.

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