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I-Team: Ishaq Denies Rumors He’s Made a Decision

While Team Ishaq remains on the fence, this morning the defensive end was asked by if rumors that he’d finally picked a school were true. His response was short, but to the point.

“Nah its not.”

If you’re a Syracuse fan waiting anxiously for Ishaq Williams to make a decision, you’d better hope the delay continues.

And we’re well aware that for the SU fans following the Ishaq saga as closely as Team Fizz has, that‚Äôs a lot to ask.

The announcement was supposed to come Saturday, and the Orange was the favorite. Instead, the wait has been dragged out at least four extra days, and the Nittany Lions now appear to be sitting in the driver’s seat.

That’s not what Ishaq’s father Shaun said yesterday, though. He maintains that Penn State, Notre Dame, and Syracuse all still have an equal shot at getting his son.

Despite his father’s statements to the contrary, The Fizz believes Ishaq has been waiting for coaches Tom Bradley and Larry Johnson to either stay or leave Penn State, based on the cryptic reason he gave for delaying his decision in the first place.

“There’s some information that came up and I want to make sure it settles out first. I’m just waiting for everything to stabilize at a particular school. I can’t really discuss that, sorry.”

So if he was talking about PSU, and he truly is just waiting to make sure his recruiter Larry Johnson sticks around, then we should expect a decision soon.

Reports across the board suggest that Bradley will be passed up for yet another head coaching job, this time at UConn, in favor of Miami offensive coordinator Mark Whipple. Temple, Pitt, and UConn will now all have bypassed the longtime Paterno assistant this offseason.

If Bradley stays, then Johnson undoubtedly stays as well. And it looks like a certainty that Bradley will be the Nittany Lions defensive coordinator once again next season.

With the Bradley situation seemingly settled, it bodes well for the original favorites in the Ishaq race, the Orange and the Irish, if the prized recruit continues to balk on making a choice.

Maybe then, just maybe, the Williams family was never as enamored with Larry Johnson and Penn State as we thought, and Ishaq will end up donning orange and blue instead of white and blue after all.

Posted: Andrew Kanell

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