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McReynolds Mystery Means Different Recruiting Year for Syracuse

The week before National Signing Day is a complete 180 from last year for Syracuse’s Doug Marrone and that’s exactly what the Orange had hoped. Oh, what a difference a year can make.

Last February names flew from every direction on Signing Day, with major coups like Deon Goggins ruling the afternoon. This year will be much different.

Look at SU’s list of commitments. 26 players already have their name signed in Orange ink. Of the 25 scholarships allowed, some will get exemptions for enrolling early (Louie Addazio for example) leaving just a few open spots for the rest of this year’s commits.

SU is hot on the trails of more than 3 or 4 players, so we need to use the power of deduction to see just exactly who the ‘Cuse is targeting hard. A few things are very clear:

    Kevin McReynolds is target number one. He’s the highest rated player left on the radar, and Doug Marrone can and will open a scholarship for him before anybody else. McReynolds has a reserved sign with his name on it. Not to mention it would be a great flip-off for Randy Edsall on his way out.

    SU has two 3-star running backs on it’s way in, with Fizz Friends Adonis Ameen-Moore and Tyree Smallwood. They also compliment each other nicely, with Adonis the thunder to Smallwood’s lightning. You can say goodbye to Allan Wasonga, who also had the Orange chasing.

    BJ Dubose is the next best defensive end to Ishaq Williams, but Charley Strong may have made that acquisition impossible. Dubose visited Louisville the other weekend, according to Scout, and said he would pick them right now if he had to.

    SU is set at its skill positions, or at least it seems. The ‘Cuse has six wideouts signed, the aforementioned Ameen-Moore and Smallwood, and the quarterbacks. Oh, the quarterbacks. Between superstar athlete Terrel Hunt, and Ashton Broyld, it’s a log jam with last year netting John Kinder and Jonny Miller. Don’t count on Travis Eman or Dexter Bridge. That also means don’t freak out if Greg Schiano signs Bridge.

If you want more of a breakdown of those players, don’t forget to read Hoffman’s more in-depth look at each position.

You should expect plenty of meat-and-potatoes filler guys, if the ‘Cuse has scholarships in tow. Is it a little less exciting than last year? Absolutely. But less exciting means more productive. The last thing you want to do is be crossing your fingers when it comes to the future of your football program.

Posted: Ted Conroy

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