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FizzCast: SU Hoops Strikes Back, Point Shaving, Recruit X

Mike Carlson

Syracuse athletics endured one of the craziest weeks in recent memory, and it was equally hectic one for The Fizz. Team Fizz connected to break down the week that was and we started with the point-shaving rumor,

We need to put in perspective how ridiculous it was the story grew legs. For amateur athletes who did nothing wrong, I say there’s no reason they should be connected to such a horrible rumor.

“At least for the time being, completely undeservingly, the term point shaving is going to be associated with Syracuse basketball, and there’s absolutely no reason for that. Scoop and Dion have had their ups and downs this year, but they don’t deserve what just happened. That’s just not fair to them.”

After giving a few final thoughts about National Signing Day, we moved onto the Fizzsterious “Recruit X,” an unnamed player who Marrone claims SU will sign as the final recruit in its class. Team Fizz is working hard to determine if the Fizzstery recruit is former Tennessee wide receiver Nu’Keese Richardson, though I’m not buying it quite yet.

“Marrone sounded so sure about the guy. Marrone sounded like: ‘This Recruit X, we got him in the bag. You guys don’t know about him yet, but you’re going to love him, and we have him. We just need to wait for this to pan out and he’s our guy.’ I’m not sure that really sounds like a description of Nu’Keese Richardson. He sounds like a guy who doesn’t know what he wants or what he’s thinking  -never a guy that’s in the bag.”

Regardless, The Fizz is bubbling trying to uncover the identity of “Recruit X.”

Time to discuss a suddenly rejuvenated SU basketball squad. Just when people were starting t0 count the Orange out, it took down #7 UConn on the road, holding Kemba Walker to eight points on 3-14 shooting. Hoffman was surprised at how effectively SU contained the Huskies’ leading scorer.

“Before the game, I said, ‘Let Kemba get his because he’s always going to.’ I didn’t think holding him to eight points was possible, and Syracuse did. It was quite amazing to watch.”

After achieving the unexpected on Wednesday, SU did what just about everyone thought it would do on Saturday Рdemolish USF. Conroy was in Tampa calling the game for WAER, and he attributes the Orange’s improved performance over the past couple of games to good defense by the guards.

“It starts at the top of that 2-3 zone, getting steals, having the hands up. Mark Jackson has that classic ‘hand down, man down’ reference, and it’s hilarious, but it’s so true. When guys have their hands up and they’re getting in the passing lanes, that’s when the zone works.”

We also debate whether Jim Boeheim might as well replace Fab Melo in the starting lineup with Baye Moussa-Keita at this point. Listen to the weekly FizzCast for that and more Syracuse information, rumors, and discussion.

Posted: Andrew Kanell

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