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How Brandon Triche Made Himself into a Go-To Scorer

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Brandon Triche has been a Fizz favorite since he was being recruited by Syracuse as a prep playmaker. He’s now been proving why in his last couple of games in an Orange uniform as well.

The guard scored 20 points in SU’s 63-52 win over West Virginia, and did it in confident fashion. Whether he was pulling up in transition, driving the lane, or out-muscling his counterparts in Joe Mazzula and Truck Bryant, he had the Mountaineers’ number, plain and simple.

And the ‘Cuse needed it. With Rick Jackson with another off night, and a general difficulty by any team to score against Huggy Bear, Triche needed to step up and run the Orange attack.

After last night, it is clear that the Jamesville native has taken over SU, and assumed the role of go-to scorer.

There have been times with Triche when his confidence sunk, and the team did too. But his recent scoring surge, save for the win against USF, has him on a monstrous tear.

Remember, Triche was moved to shooting guard this year, and has dealt with the burden of his uncle Howard’s legacy daily on the Hill.

But The Fizz has always¬†known exactly what propels the guard. As a senior in high school, Triche said he read all the message boards, absorbed all the criticism, and applied it to his game. It’s probable that mentality overwhelmed him as a freshman, and his confidence clearly lacked by the end of the year. He is one of the hardest working players on the team, and all business in a guard group that includes fun-loving Dion Waiters and free-wheeling Scoop Jardine.

Early in the season, he still resisted being “the guy.” He didn’t look for his shot, despite being a 40% shooter from the outside with a hulk frame. Would you believe that Triche, in addition to his 6’4 chiseled body, is also the fastest player on the team? He wasn’t attacking the hoop either, which was a staple of his time at JD, before tearing his ACL.

This year, his coaches and fellow players told him it was time to step up and be more aggressive. Everyone saw the talent. The message boards buzzed about Scoop’s tribulations and how it was now Brandon’s time to step up his game.

Support from the team, coaches, and fans, along with with Triche’s shooting touch and talent, and the result is a confident guard who can score 20 points on a given night.

Orange fans should be ecstatic; he hit the 20-point mark on just 12 shots. This is not the ceiling for Brandon Triche.

Posted: Ted Conroy

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