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FizzCast: Selection Sunday SportsCenter – Complete Coverage of Syracuse’s Draw

Your complete guide to Syracuse’s draw in the NCAA Tournament is right here at The Fizz.

Listen to our Syracuse Selection Sunday SportsCenter:

Included in this special FizzCast:

  • Kanell and Hoffman analyze the potential Orange matchups
  • College Basketball Insider Dave Curtis of the¬†Sporting News on SU’s bracket and how the Big East fared
  • Scoop Jackson, Rick Jackson, Brandon Triche and Jim Boeheim address the first weekend’s draw
  • D.A. discusses the effect of Syracuse’s loss in the Big East Tourney
  • Ted Conroy on how the Selection Committee placed the rest of the conference

Dennis Nett/ Post-Standard

Kanell: “For teams that we don’t know much about, like Indiana State, you always look for guys that can fill it up. Especially against the zone, when you’re facing teams that shoot from the perimeter, that’s why Louisville always beats them.”

Hoffman: “If Syracuse plays Marquette, Marquette knows what they’re doing against the 2-3. Xavier doesn’t have a clue what they’re going to do against the zone, they’ve never thought about it. I don’t wanna see Marquette again. They’re a team that’s beaten Syracuse.”

D.A.: “Getting a #3 seed is good, it’s just the corner of the bracket they were placed in. You don’t love the actual matchups. It’s a deadly corner of the bracket. I think you’d rather see Xavier, just because anytime you face a team in conference it’s scary. I think you want Xavier even if it’s the higher seed.”

Sporting News’ Dave Curtis: “I don’t (see a deep Syracuse run), to be honest with you. In this bracket, if they can just get to the Sweet 16, that’s a pretty good achievement. To ask this Syracuse team to get to the Final Four, that’s a pretty tall task. Get to that second weekend and take your chances.”

Conroy: “It is such a tough draw, and Seth Davis picking Xavier to upset Syracuse in the 2nd round doesn’t bode well. This is as difficult a road as it can be. North Carolina’s one of the hottest teams in the country right now. Ohio State’s one of the deepest and most talented teams in the nation. This is as difficult a road as you can ask for.”

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