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FizzCast: Ashton Broyld’s Syracuse Future, Too Much Familiarity in SU Hoops?

We recently learned some new details on the Ashton Broyld front when an opposing player for Irondequoit detailed a 20-minute tantrum leading up to Broyld‚Äôs alleged ¬†“Broyld’s alleged exposure” following a high school basketball game.

The anonymous Irondequoit senior captain spoke with The Fizz’s Craig Hoffman earlier in the week, describing a pattern of “douche baggy” behavior from the Rush-Henrietta prospect while maintaining that Broyld is not a bad person.

Now that The Fizz is privy to a clearer picture of Broyld’s behavior on that fateful day when he lashed out against rival fans, it is time to consider what the fallout will be for the high school senior.

That’s what Team Fizz pondered on the Fresh FizzCast, with Hoffman and D.A. joining me to offer their opinions. Could the quarterback recruit get his scholarship yanked away by SU? Hoffman thinks not, although Marrone and Co. will keep a closer eye on him than most other players.

“I think what this does for Ashton Broyld is it puts him on a shorter leash when he gets to Syracuse. Brice Hawkes and Malcolm Cater, they got second chances. They didn’t get third chances but they got second chances. Well if Broyld does something ridiculously stupid like this again, I don’t think he gets a second chance at Syracuse. And that’s just how Doug Marrone operates. But I don’t think he is going to lose his scholarship (right now).”

D.A.’s in the same boat as Hoff regarding the scholarship issue, though he says Broyld should be glad his junk isn’t being streamed on YouTube.

“I think they’ve made a decision that he’s coming back. Because this happened over a month ago, so clearly the evidence is out there. And clearly they know what happened. I think he’s coming, and I think what really helps Broyld is there’s no video of this. This is the type of thing that is always caught on camera seemingly. I think that it really helps Broyld because if that was online and viewable for the masses, Syracuse would have a tougher PR explanation [in giving Broyld his scholarship].”

Take a listen to the FizzCast for that and much more Broyld talk. Is the “douche baggy” label thrown on him by the Irondequoit player actually a positive indication of Broyld’s competitiveness? Is his legal team stubbornly electing to plead not guilty out of nervousness that Broyld could lose his Syracuse scholarship?

Finally, we say goodbye to an original member of Team Fizz, Ted Conroy. Teddy already posted his written Fizz Farewell, but we also wanted to have him on for one final FizzCast. Catch some of his fondest memories watching and covering SU sports during his time on campus. He moves on to the prestigious NBC Page Program in New York City (which Conroy assures us is nothing like the fake page program featured on episodes of 30 Rock), and The Fizz wishes him the best of luck with all his future endeavors.

Posted: Andrew Kanell

The Fizz is owned, edited and operated by Damon Amendolara. D.A. is an ’01 Syracuse graduate from the Newhouse School with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.


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