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SU’s Jovan Miller Talks Terps, Legacy & Origin of “Jovi Nation” With Fizz

Syracuse midfielder Jovan Miller is a fan favorite for his unique athletic style of play, sick dodging ability, and outgoing personality displayed on his Twitter page.

The Fizz spoke with the senior on the up-and-down SU season, the upcoming matchup with Maryland and yes, the much-discussed Class of ’11 legacy. We began with Sunday‚Äôs win over Siena, a game we dissected with the voice of Orange lax, Brian Higgins, earlier in the week.

“We were getting to our spots on the field, we just weren’t cashing in right away. The only thing you can do as a shooting team is keep shooting, and eventually they’re gonna fall.”

As for what to expect this weekend from the Orange?

“We’ll be much more efficient, that’s something coach has been stressing. I’d also say we’re going to be much more uptempo. Expect more great defensive play also.”

The Fizz had to ask Jovan the most important question ever: If he had to write the first paragraph of the Wikipedia page for Jovi Nation, what would it say?

‚ÄúI have no idea. To be honest with you, it’s something that just started coming out of camp. A lot of kids just seemed to like me and like the way I play and appreciate my personality. Just a lot of kids appreciating the way I play the game.‚Äù

Miller is considered one of the best dodgers in the nation. We asked him if that‚Äôs relatable to hoops where a player feels he’s indefensible and in the zone (something Syracuse lacked this year on the hardwood).

“I do feel like a lot of the time I can beat my man, but there’s always a slide. My job is typically just to draw the slide and move the ball.”

Higgins told us in the FizzCast that the middies had a competition on who would score the first goal. Turns out it all started, as is typical of males, with food.

“We actually had a bet earlier in the year, I think it was against Georgetown, that if I scored the first goal he (Josh Amidon) owed me wings. I don’t really care who scores the first goal to be honest with you, and I don’t think Josh does either. I just know my team feeds off my demeanor, especially in the first few minutes, so if I can get us goin with a goal I think its beneficial to how the rest of the game goes.”

None of the seniors will talk about the legacy of this year’s class until the season is over, but Miller did admit it’ll eventually be special to look back, especially since he grew up in CNY, in the shadow of SU lax.

“Its been a humbling experience for all of us. When we got here, we all just wanted to win a national championship. Regardless of individual accolades, we just really wanted to be on the field. I think there’s a time and a place to reflect on those kind of things but right now we’re just focused on the Maryland Terrapins.”

As Jovan and his mates focus on Maryland, Orange fans are focused on him, Foxborough Sunday, and a third national championship in four years.

Posted: Craig Hoffman

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