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Jaston George’s Abs Dominate Yours, And He Knows It

Jaston George is just starting to find his way around Syracuse, but he’s a guy who seems to easily feel very comfortable. The young defensive back only enrolled early on the Hill back in January, but his Twitter feed (@JazzO_G) has the makings of a seasoned veteran.

Here was his profile picture from earlier in the week, a shirtless George admiring his absurdly carved abs. Who wouldn’t?¬†Are you kidding me? Look at those things. Paulie D and the Situation can preen for the cams and speak garbled idiocy about abs all they want. They’d murder Snooki and use her beehive hair do as a hood ornament for Jaston’s eight-pack.

George is back home in Virginia wrapping up his high school graduation and getting his diploma. Not surprisingly, he’s not shy in letting everyone know how good he looks. He tweeted yesterday, “Its hot as a bit in this cap an gown gosh oll gracious oo well I’m on my way doe lookin quite handsome as I must say lol.”

George has plunged into some of life’s deeper questions as well. Thursday he tweeted: “Is it true theory that if you were breastfed you like tits more then ass but if you wnt is vise verse’?”

And Jaston might just have one last trick up his sleeve for Orange Nation. “Let’s try somethin crazy let’s make love on the goal line so u can feel how hard I go just to reach the endzone now that’s #LIVE.

Marrone’s Marauders had significant trouble winning at the Dome last season. Maybe we need George’s out-of-the-box thinking here. Really own the Dome. True home field advantage. Ironically,¬†The Fizz’s ’10 recruiting profile mentioned “bodies,” by saying of JG: ‚ÄúA middle of the road guy who‚Äôs not just a defensive back but an athlete as well. ESPN says if he had a little more size he‚Äôd probably be higher in the rankings as well. This is more about bodies at this point than it is about talent.‚Äù

Yeah, well we didn’t know he had the abs of Atlas. I don’t think we need to worry about him needing more size.¬†Forget losing out on Perkins, Kelly and Hilliard this week. The ‘Cuse is bringing in George and his abs. Hey Big East, fear the 8-pack.

Posted: D.A.

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