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Fresh FizzCast: Scoop Jardine Exclusive, Spotlight on Julian Whigham

The latest Fresh FizzCast was fun-filled, complete with Fizzy reaction to SU football’s comeback victory over Wake Forest, a look ahead to exciting future recruits, and an exclusive one-on-one interview with Scoop Jardine.

First things first – the Orange’s wild and wacky come-from-behind win on opening night. Let’s put it in perspective with a quick game of good, bad, ugly.

The Good: The Orange fought through a rough first three quarters and brought home a gutsy ‘W.’

Hoffman: “A real testament to Doug Marrone, this game, the perseverance this team showed. They made adjustments. It was like a lot of their wins last year.”

The Bad: The fact that Syracuse dug itself into such a steep hole in the first place.

Me: “If Syracuse had lost the game, it would have been ugly. Because then you go into Rhode Island where it’s a definite win, and then USC where most people think they’re probably going to lose. They probably enter the Toledo matchup 1-2, in a fairly empty Dome in a possible trap game. So that would have left scary implications on the season.

The Ugly: The boatload of fans that left the Carrier Dome prematurely.

Hoffman: “If you’re at a game of a team that you support and they are within distance of making it a game, in theory you should stay.”

There’s been a lot made of the Carrier Dome “faithful” showing a lack of faith in SU football last Thursday, but really it’s as simple as Hoffman put it. Syracuse was only two scoring plays away from tying up the game. Fans who paid good money to see the competition shouldn’t have left.

You can also hear a breakdown which positions were good, bad, and ugly for the Orange against the Demon Deacons.

Dave Van Moffaert entered Fizz Headquarters later on in the FizzCast as recruiting became the topic of conversation. He had just gotten the chance to watch SU defensive back commitment Julian Whigham live on ESPN, and raved about what he saw.

“He had two interceptions. One in the second quarter, when he had great position on a ball a little bit overthrown, and he made a great play. The second one was on a deep route, and he came over the top and pretty much out jumped everyone for a sick pick in the endzone. He’s been looking like a ball hawk out there.”

DVM also expands on his recent article about SU’s pursuit of elite fullback recruit E.J. Fatu.

Lost in all the recent ‘Cuse football discussion, college basketball season begins in just less than two months. And for this week’s Fizz Fresh Take, Hoffman goes one-on-one with SU point guard Scoop Jardine, who recently returned to Syracuse from the World University Games in China.

Scoop was willing to take personal accountability for some of his late-game woes last year.

“I’m in better shape now where down two minutes to go I won’t make that turnover (against Marquette) because of me being tired. Like you said, my season was up-and-down, because of me not being in better shape. I pride myself on being in better shape this year so come two, three minutes down the stretch, I’ll make big shots, I’ll continue to make better plays, I’ll continue to be the best player I can be for our team to win.”

The Philly native’s take on his own shortcomings inspired a Fizz debate on whether Scoop should get credit for his admirable admission, or blame for not keeping himself in better condition.

Posted: Andrew Kanell

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