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AO 2.0: Enormous LT Alex Officer Can Be Syracuse’s O-Line Cornerstone

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Doug Marrone has offered 3-star LT Alex Officer out of Eastridge High School in Rochester. Officer is rated as the second-best recruit in New York for the Class of ’13. He’s a smart target since the Dougie is¬†shuffling through his current quarterback options¬†and¬†actively seeking new ones. Meanwhile, SU waved goodbye to some key linemen in Andrew Tiller and Michael Hay after last year. This year, the starting o-line is comprised primarily of upperclassmen that will be gone by the time Ryan Nassib’s successor is in his prime. Any way you slice it, Marrone knows the future of his trenches is dotted with question marks.

Officer enters his senior season at LT, and can be one of those cornerstones for Syracuse. At 6’4” 300 lbs, he’s enormous, but he’s also very quick for his size. Tape shows that he sticks to his blocks like super glue, and has fantastic football IQ. When he disarms his man, AO instinctively picks up another guy. He’s the kind of blocker who is playing the line-game in his head as well as with his hands. Officer is also a bulldozer as far as opening up lanes for the run attack.

This past February’s recruiting class included four offensive linemen for SU. There is a pressing need for long-term, solid depth and stability at OL. This need becomes even more urgent since the Orange will be starting a first-year quarterback next season. The position may very well be occupied by dual-threats like Terrel Hunt, Ashton Broyld or maybe even an elite recruit like A.J. Long. Officer represents closing the New York borders, and another important in-state recruit at a position that is essential to fielding a productive offense with a young QB next year.

SU isn‚Äôt the only school to extend a scholarship to Officer. Pittsburgh, UMass and Old Dominion have since done the same.¬†With Pitt’s Todd Graham scurrying off to coach Arizona State and Old Dominion playing in the FCS, it seems the Orange would be a front-runner. However, Massachusetts may have a special angle. According to, UMass TE Jerome Lewis is Officer‚Äôs older brother despite a different last name.

But a budding offensive tackle with a chance to play for former lineman Marrone, just an hour away in Rochester? Seems like a natural fit.¬†Officer would be the latest victory in Marrone’s battle to win the Empire State, and an important piece of an offensive line in need of some building blocks.

Posted: Jake Moskowitz

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