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Is Boeheim’s Slander Case Connected to the NCAA Investigation at Syracuse?

Do fans have to worry the season will be short-circuited?

How worried should Syracuse fans be now that Jim Boeheim’s comments against Bobby Davis and Mike Lang will be reopened in court? Hard to say right now. Originally Boeheim’s statements that the two former ballboys were liars and just looking for money were thrown out because they were seen as mere opinion, not based in fact. Now, they’re being seen as more than that:

The slander suit has been reinstated, which is peculiar timing since we seem on the verge of finding out what the NCAA investigation dug up. Is it possible info has leaked on that front, and influenced the courts to reverse field on Boeheim?

The state Court of Appeals unanimously yesterday¬†overturned a lower court’s decision to dismiss the lawsuit filed by Davis and Lang. They have¬†accused Boeheim of slandering them in 2011 over¬†claims that Bernie Fine molested them when they were SU ball boys.

Boeheim has always been sharp of tongue, and it has brought him plenty of critics. He was definitely in a defensive posture when he made the comments, the program was under siege, and it was the middle of a very volatile time in the wake of the Penn State scandal.

But it would seem the bigger problem would be the NCAA findings, which have fostered dread inside the SU inner circle. There are more than a few people close to the program that fear the NCAA could hand down major punishment. If these findings end up punishing the Orange, and have led to Boeheim being dragged to court, it’s the ultimate double-whammy for SU hoops.

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