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Syracuse Recruit Shy Cullen “Shocked” by McDonald’s Reaction

Recruit expresses concerns for Syracuse commits from Florida.

Even for a prospect not being recruited by George McDonald, 2015 (MA) LB Shy Cullen knows his potential future teammates from Florida are in a tough spot.
McDonald’s emotional comments and news of the coaching shakeup have been all over the internet and social media this week. With that, the Lowell, MA commit Cullen tells The Fizz he’s definitely aware of all the recent news. He’s kept tabs on the situation and backs up Syracuse’s head man.
“From what I’ve seen, what George McDonald said definitely shocked me. Coach Shafer had to do his thing. How they’ve been doing this season offensively and everything like that, it comes down to making decisions and what you have to do for the team. I understand where Coach Shafer is coming from and those were decisions I feel like he had to make.”
It may be easier for a defensive player such as Cullen to back a defensive minded head coach. Cullen is being recruited by linebackers coach Clark Lea. While Cullen is on the other side of the ball, he is concerned for the other members of the recruiting class amid the changes.
Cullen’s perspective, however, does demonstrate how this class, similar to ’14, shares a bond even before stepping on campus. Shy has not had direct contact with other members of his class, namely those from Florida (McDonald’s area), but he put himself in their shoes.
“I was thinking about them for them. ‘Is he going to leave? Is he going to change his mind being with safeties?’ [For those] three or four of them, I’d be scared. I just felt like they [the coaching staff] would come together, solve things and get through things.”
Shafer declared in the ACC Coaches Teleconference the staff met “like a family” to sort this mess out. For Cullen to point out the need for them to meet is huge. It illustrates that the commits, whether McDonald prospects or not, are looking out for one another.
Recruits clearly see Shafer and McDonald have had their differences in this. Although both coaches have tried to tamp down any perceived friction moving forward. But recruits know it’s not a smooth time.      
Cullen will be one of the first recruits to witness how the changes unfold in person. Cullen is unofficially visiting this weekend to catch up with the coaching staff, particularly Coach Lea, and watch the Florida State game. Shy informed Lea of his official on January 23rd, when he plans to visit campus formally and attend the SU-Miami basketball game
“They definitely can’t wait for me to get to campus so I can show them what I got.”
Cullen said it’s been frustrating watching SU’s offense not capitalize on the defense’s forced turnovers. He’s looking forward to soaking in live action of Syracuse playing aggressively on the defensive side. Like many other recruits, Shy will have his eyes on how the Orange coaching staff unites as the team battles the No. 1 squad in the country.
Posted: Brendan Glasheen
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